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50 Things You Could Be Doing Over Spring Break

For some of us, Spring Break is simply a week off of classes filled with our favorite shows on Netflix. We do not have to envy those people with extravagant and tropical plans this year because here is the ultimate list of what you could be doing over spring break!      

1. It’s never too early to start preparing for finals!!!2. Go over simple grammar rules.3. Write a book.4. Read a book.5. Feed your fish.6. Walk your dog.7. Buy a dog.8. Lay out in 50-degree weather to get that base tan.9. Think about studying abroad!10. Look for great internship opportunities!11. Spend time with your family.12. Spend time with your family outside of the house!

13. Call your friends from home.14. Don’t hang up on your friends from home!15. Go golfing.16. Go fishing.17. (What other spring activities are there?) Go on a hike!18. Shovel the snow if need be. (It probably will need be.)19. Wash your sheets.20. Dry your sheets.21. Visit a city you’ve never been to before!

22. Try yoga!23. Start taking vitamins.24. Go over your syllabi.25.  Catch up on reading some HC Scranton articles!26. Try putting your fall schedule together.27.  Come back with your sheets washed.28. Come back prepared.29.  Watch every Harry Potter Movie!30.  Wake up and take a walk outdoors!31. Cherish your time away from DeNaples.32. Commit to a daily workout.33. Watch home videos!34. Take a spontaneous road trip!35. See a movie!36. Try a new type of food!37. Go shopping!38. Polish your shoes.39. Visit your old high school.40. Clean out your attic.41. Make your parents buy you a car.42. Discover new music!43. Watch a classic movie.44.  Treat yourself. 

45. You can actually go to Connecticut and sit in the audience at the Maury Show.46. Treat someone else.47. Forgive someone.48. Go laser tagging.49. Do charity.49. Teach yourself how to juggle.50. Don’t watch “Spring Breakers”

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