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5 Things You Should Start Buying on Amazon

Disclaimer: I literally don’t even work for Amazon I just f*cking love it.

My friends are always amazed to know I actually bought my favorite random day-to-day items on Amazon. And honestly, you can occasionally save A LOT of money, in comparison to shopping with others major retailers. Here are a few things I’ve successfully bought on this life-changing website.  


1. Shoes

Shoes for days, my friends. I always suggest to people to check and compare prices on Amazon, with all items. Last year I got Franco Sarto black riding boots (usually around $200) for $77!!!! Amazon sometimes has random sizes at different prices. For example, my size 8 was $77, while a 9 was pricier. I don’t question this system, especially when it works to my benefit every once and while.


2. Backpacks

I have had two Herschel backpacks in college, both of which I got on Amazon for great deals. I have also seen deals on the ever-popular North Face and JanSport ones as well.

3. Beauty Products

Shampoo, hair masks, self-tanner, makeup, you name it.

*TIP: I use the Amazon phone app to scan items when I’m out shopping for hygiene/beauty products. When you scan the barcode, the item comes up and this way you can not only see if it is selling for cheaper on Amazon, you can also read reviews on the product!


4. Granola Bars

Ever notice how absurdly expensive healthy granola bars can be? I have found that you can get pretty decent deals on good food because it tends to come in bulk. There’s also an option of “subscribe and save.” So if you have a fave bar, you can subscribe to receive it every so often and save 5%. Yay!

5. Last but not least…extremely random stuff you might not think to look on Amazon for:


Essential oil

Hair rollers



Daily planner

Sound machine


(I have bought all of these.) (Amazon is also great when you’re too lazy to go to the store for basic items.)


To me, the beauty of Amazon is not only the deals that you can find, but the vast majority of different brands, qualities and types of products! Happy Amazon-ing!



Jenna is a senior occupational therapy student here at the U. She enjoys making people laugh, frolicking in warm weather, eating copious amounts of food, and dancing the night away. Follow her on insta @jennarizzy
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