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5 Easy Ways to Help Others During Quarantine

Send food to those in need

A great way to do this is to buy a meal from a restaurant and have them deliver to a hospital or other medical office. Police stations and firehouses are other great places to send food to. A great way to really help people would be to reach out to any people you know that may be struggling. Also, keep an eye out on social media or the news for any reports of people that may be out of a job and in need of food. 

Make cards for health care workers

This can bring a little joy and hope to health care workers life. Making cards is a nice way to remind health care workers that you are thankful and thinking about them. You can get you family members involved and explore your creativity!

Contact old (& new) friends

Almost everyone must be feeling lonely and stressed out during this time. Therefore, you should reach out to people and remind them that you are thinking about them and are there for them. Additionally, considering this is such a weird time you automatically have something to talk about (what have you been doing to keep busy? What do you miss the most about normal life? Etc.). Now is the time to reach out because most people have the time to slow down and talk.

Help around the house

This is an important one if you are living with other people because it is easy to get annoyed with people you are in quarantine with. Therefore, you should try to be as easy to live with as possible and just try to make the time enjoyable for everyone. Offering to help you parents or other family members with their chores gives you some quality time to spend with them. It would be great to look back on this time as a positive thing and being helpful to the people you are living with could help them stay positive. 


The first step to helping others is helping yourself. If you are in a positive and calm state of mind you can motivate other people to be too! There is a lot that is out of our control. However, we can control our response to this difficult time. Just remember there is no point in stressing over the things that are out of our control and remember that everything will be okay! Additionally, remember you are not alone! So, take some time, do a facemask, watch Netflix, or take a nap. Do whatever you need to do to help yourself and that will make you better able to help others. 


Erin Palermo

Scranton '22

Hi, I am Erin! I am a Disney connoisseur and I love to bake! "All you need is faith, trust, and a little pixie dust" -Peter Pan