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Finals week is just around the corner and that means soon, everyone will be living in the library with their heads in the books. Finals week can be a very VERY stressful time, so I wanted to share four reminders/motivating quotes before exams start!

1. Get lots of sleep!

Sleep is so so so important for you, especially when you’re doing so much studying. My friends will think I’m the biggest hypocrite for saying this because I never get enough sleep during the school year but trust me, pulling that all-nighter is NOT worth it. Your mind and body need that rest more than the all-nighter.

2. Drink water!

Staying hydrated is so important, so make sure you have your emotional support water bottle with you when you’re studying!

3. Take breaks!

Make sure you’re giving your mind a break from all the material you’re taking in. Whether it be watching an episode of your favorite show or going for a walk outside, take a step away from your notes and spend time on yourself. You deserve it!

4. You’ve got this!!!!

You have worked so hard this semester and I am so beyond proud of you! You’re almost at the finish line and summer is right around the corner! Your hard work is going to pay off and you should be so proud of yourself! Just make sure to take care of yourself as you prepare for your exams! You got this I believe in you! :)

Alexandra Buck

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Hi everyone!! I’m an Early and Primary Education major! I love hanging out with my friends, listening to music, and reading!