4 of My Favorite Underrated Bands

  1. 1. Wallows

    I’ve mentioned the band Wallows in my previous article, and just from that you can tell that I’m obsessed with this band! If you’ve never heard their music before, here are some songs I recommend listening to: “Pictures of Girls,” “Drunk on Halloween” and “Are You Bored Yet?” The latter is their most famous song and features Clairo. It is also my personal favorite Wallows song. 

  2. 2. COIN

    COIN is another one of my favorite bands. I definitely feel like they deserve a lot more recognition than they receive. My favorite COIN song (and favorite song of all time) is called “Crash My Car.” I also recommend listening to “I Want It All” and “Malibu 1992.” I’ve started appreciating their music just recently, so I haven’t listened to every song religiously. However, I do consider COIN one of my favorite underrated bands.  

  3. 3. The 1975

    Probably the most recognizable band on this list! The 1975 has been one of my favorite bands for a while now. My personal favorite songs are: “Love It If We Made It,” “Milk” and “Chocolate.” Most people who have heard of The 1975 have heard “Somebody Else.” But I personally don’t really like this song. Either way, I’m obsessed with this pop punk band and definitely think you should check them out if you haven’t already!

  4. 4. HUNNY

    The last, but certainly not least, underrated band on this list is HUNNY. The first HUNNY song I’ve heard is called “Halloween,” and it is still one of my favorite songs by them since then. Another HUNNY song I strongly recommend is called “Vowels (and the Importance of Being Me)” and “Cry for Me.”