30 Things You Will Miss About Scranton Over the Summer

1. Dollar slices at Goodfellas2. Clayground on a sunny Saturday afternoon3. Smoothies and omelets at brunch on 3rd floor4. Maintenance cleaning up for you5. Tuesday night dollar bottles at Goodfellas6. Cock’s and Oscar’s7. Attempting not to get hit by cars on Mulberry8. Flo swiping you in on 3rd floor and asking how you are9. Midday naps when you're supposed to be doing work10. The weekend starting on a Thursday11. Seeing the Dionne Green crowded with people on a nice day12. Having a gym within walking distance13. Having either Dunkin and Starbucks both in walking distance14. FREEDOM15. Seeing your professors faces everyday (LOL JK)16. Competing in the Hunger Games to find a study room or table in the library or LSC17. Mac and Cheese from the POD18. Friday and Saturday nights in the Hill Section19. Having all your friends nearby, just a quick walk away20. Ang at Starbucks21. Using flex for anything and everything22. The workout you get from walking up all the hills23. Zoca, Chic-Fil-A or grilled cheese all in one place24. All the food you can eat just with one meal swipe25. A sauna being on campus26. Being able to look like a mess without your mom telling you look like a slob27. Being able to walk into the next room and telling your best friend about your day28. The weather… LOL JK again29. Endless free ice cream30. And if you’re a senior, absolutely everything