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If you are anything like myself or my mom, you read way more than the average person. Quarantine got the best of us and offered plenty of time for us to not only read, but also watch the movies that were based on certain books. An aspect I love about reading is the ability to imagine every character as you wish; everything is up to your imagination. If we like a book enough, my mom and I watch the movie immediately afterwards. We’ve made this mistake way too many times and it comes as no surprise that the movie disappoints the literary genius of the book. Some movies do not do justice to the full potential the book contains. If you are a fan of these movies, might I suggest taking a gander at these books to be fully exposed to everything the movie could’ve been and more.  

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn 

Like any good thriller novel, it keeps you engaged and prevents you from ever putting the book down. The seemingly perfect couple Nick and Amy have a rocky relationship behind closed doors that leads Nick to be the prime suspect in Amy’s subsequent disappearance. This suspenseful page turner gives a look into the dark minds and thoughts of both Nick and Amy. When I tell you, the ending made me rethink everything I’ve ever known, I mean it. The ending and the effects of it can only be truly felt through reading.  


  Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier 

A classic book that my mom read back in high school was just recently made into a movie which can be streamed on Netflix. This gothic novel from 1938 draws you in by placing the reader inside the mind of the unnamed main character who is constantly riddled with nerves. This young woman marries a widower, who later discovers his house is haunted by the spirit of this late wife. My issue with the most recent adaptation of this book is the differences in the plot from the book to the movie. The readers know how certain things are supposed to happen but are surprised to see how some parts are completely changed or voided from the movie.  


All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven 

My desire to read this book was immensely fueled by many TikTok recommendations. This book revolves around two teenage outcasts, Violet and Finch, that struggle with mental illness; in turn, they find solace in one another. While both the movie and book address mental illness and death well, I believe the book does a better job at diving deeper into their relationship and revealing the dark thoughts of each individual. It displays the full spectrum of thoughts that someone with mental illness struggles with. I think the movie glossed over many parts of the book that were meant to be deep, emotional and moving to read.  

Erin Fowler

Scranton '24

Erin Fowler is a freshman occupational therapy major at The University of Scranton. She loves reading, watching movies, and being around friends. You can find her at a coffee shop or cuddled up watching a classic movie with friends!
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