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21 Thoughts You Have When You’re Not 21

For all the twenty year olds out there, I promise you you’re not alone in this struggle. Please don’t lose hope… the end is almost here.

1. I wish my parents conceived me earlier. Why, mom and dad… Why did you have to wait so long to have me?2. Yeah that’s right, F U mom and dad. Do you even care about my social life? The answer is obviously, N-O.3. When I have kids, ill make sure that they’re the oldest in their class. They’ll never have to suffer through my pain.4. Never mind, I blame America. Wait no; I actually do blame my parents. They should have moved to Europe and then had me.5. I’m getting quite lonely cuddling with friends…6. When I said friends, I mean, Monica, Joey, Rachel, Phoebe, Chandler and Ross.7. The FOMO is too real right now. Just declare me as the queen of FOMO please.8. I must delete every form of social media. Everyone and their moms at the bar clog these dang newsfeeds.9. Actually I think I’m going to die of FOMO. In my obituary it will say, Cause of Death: FOMO.10. “Who is bouncing tonight?”11. I’m so happy I have a test tomorrow. No one will judge me for not going out.12. I deserve to be 21. She doesn’t deserve to be 21, she goes out like once a month.13. HOW SELFISH! She’s not even taking advantage of the fact that she’s 21.14. I have a test in 3 weeks I guess I can start studying for…15. Ill just pregame really hard so I don’t need the bar and the bar doesn’t need me!16. I guess I’ll do better on finals than all the legal people right…17. Guess my waist will be skinny and my wallet will be fat thanks to my lack of alcohol consumption.18. The immediate eye roll when someone says, “At least you weren’t the first to turn 21.”19. Then the immediate double eye roll when that someone says, “At least everyone will be 21 for yours!!”20. Yeah it is true, everyone will be 21 for mine. So everyone better be at my birthday party cause none of them have an excuse to not be now.…21. Let the countdown commence, 62 days, 8 hours, 32 minutes…but who’s counting anyway

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