21 Signs You’ll Be Best Friends Till The End

1. When you’re not together, you’re texting throughout the day


2. She knows exactly what to do to “turn that frown upside down”

3. You text her about all your current problems even if it’s 3 a.m.

4. (Screenshot text message) “How do I reply?” is a normal conversation


5. She ‘likes’ or ‘favorites’ all your social media posts as soon as they’re uploaded

6. “I’ll just buy it and you get it next time” is a reoccurring conversation every weekend

7. You know her wardrobe better than she knows her wardrobe

8. She is your “go-to text” when you’re sitting alone

9. You have your own lingo

10. You hate all the same people

11. She’s your sidekick and will defend you even if you’re completely wrong

12. But later she will call you out that you were wrong and you’ll take a shot to it

13. Your phones hold the most embarrassing pictures of each other


14. When just “the eyes” can say what you both are thinking

15. When it’s assumed that just because one of you were in a Snapchat you both were there16. When you’re called the dynamic duo or partners in crime

17.  You rarely fight and when you do it’s talked out in 2 minutes followed by going to get food

18. You can hang in the same room not talking and it isn’t awkward

19. If you want to leave the bar it’s an automatic that she is right behind you (followed by pizza)

20. She can sense when you’re upset and will return to your room 5 minutes later with cheese and wine

21. Your family is her family and her family is your family