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13 Things that Happen When Your School Doesn’t Have a Football Team

Who has spirit? We’ve got spirit! Well, kind of… Going to a school without a football team can be rough. You miss out on the marching band playing your fight song while your classmates run in for the game-winning touchdown. Although you love your school and wouldn’t change it for the world, there’s no doubt that you miss out on the fun that your Big 10 peers are having. Here’s a list of things that happen when your school doesn’t have the privilege of having a football team.

1.) You don’t understand the importance of Saturdays.Saturdays are important if you go to a Big 10 school. In your case, Saturdays are important for sleeping in and recovering from your late Friday night.


2.) You don’t know what it feels like to be part of a college student section.Wait, what is this chant and how am I supposed to be standing? Ouch!

3.) You sometimes forget who your school mascot is.When you do remember, you’ll be disappointed all over again when you realize that you’re a “Honey Badger.”

4.) There’s no real reason for your parents to come visit you at school.Negotiating with your parents so that they don’t have to come to your poetry reading and just give you money has never felt so good.

5.) You lack school spirit, and don’t have that random sport-only relationship with a stadium of people.What’s my alma-mater? Do we have a fight song?

6.) You’ll never make it on ESPN’s game day coverage.On the bright side, you never have to worry about making a clever sign to wave behind the announcers!

7.) You’re not sure what tailgating is or how to do it.Packing up a George Foreman grill and some lawn chairs definitely isn’t in your list of most recent activities. Do you even tailgate, bro?

8.) You don’t own 12 pairs of knee socks in your school colors.Don’t lie: you’re secretly jealous when you see your friends rocking their matching socks and jerseys. But, your future self will thank your school one day for not subjecting you to that fashion torture.

9.) Your dreams of continuing your high school cheerleading days have been crushed.Ok ok, so you won’t get to rock a cute uniform and bow anymore but at least you don’t have to worry about losing your voice every Monday! Besides, your claps and chants will never be as cute as you thought they were.

10.) Your campus lacks large, muscular football players.Unlike Big 10 schools, you don’t have the football-only apartment or that secret (is it really a secret?)  hope that one of them will be sitting in front of you in your Econ class.

11.) You don’t have to worry about your sweat smudging your face paint.Or the dreaded tan lines either.

12.) You can brag about having an undefeated football team.Enough said.

13.) Your school has different traditionsYou’re proud of your school, that’s why you choice to go there, right? Despite not having a huge stadium you’re still ready to support the basketball team, field hockey, and lacrosse.

Emily is a Scranton native trying to make a name for herself. She is a senior at the University of Scranton majoring in Strategic Communication with a concentration in Public Relations and a minor in Finance. When she's not goofing off with her friends or spending time with her family, there is a very big chance that she's binge watching Criminal Minds on Netflix. Emily has a love-hate relationship with Moe's Southwest Grill and would probably eat chips and queso for every meal if it didn't mean that she'd have to work out afterwards. She loves being a part of Her Campus Scranton and can't wait to see what her future holds!
Dominique is your everyday Northeastern Pennsylvanian, and will probably have a different hair style every time you see her. She loves being outdoors, and finding an adventure in everything. She currently studies as a Senior History, Political Science, and International Studies triple major with a concentration in Italian at the University of Scranton. Dominique also studied abroad in Rome, Italy, not only falling in love with everything Italian, all the pizza, but with travel itself. Weird facts: Her favorite word is melanzane (eggplant), she writes most of her notes backwards (right to left too) and has a 130lb white German Shepherd named Kitty (he’s a boy). Follow her on Twitter @domnommnomm!
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