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10 Thoughts The Week Before Spring Break

The week before Spring Break is always a stress filled adventure. Including exams, projects, and papers that have you awake until 2 a.m. crying yourself to sleep wondering why you decided to attend college in the first place. Luckily, the realization that in just one week you will get out of the frozen tundra we call home and escape to somewhere that is above 20 degrees. Sitting in a bathing suit and sipping a tropical drink beachside helps give you that push to survive the hell week before Spring Break. However, no matter how focused you are, you still find yourself daydreaming of the warm weather to come. While you sit in your 10 a.m. Philosophy class Monday morning and start spacing out, here are the top 10 things you are probably thinking about the week before Spring Break.

10. God, I should have gone to the gym sooner. I’m going everyday this week so no one mistakes me for a beached whale.

9. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator is the same thing as going to the gym, right?

8. You can absolutely not eat any pizza this week. You’re stronger than that, but Goodfellas…

7.  Well, I’m going to Mexico for 5 days, which means I need 10 bathing suits, 6 pairs of shoes, and a parka just in case it gets cold.

6. I’m only going to go to the bar once this week because I need to save money for the trip.

5. I really should do all my homework before I leave but the rush to get it all done the day before we come back from break is just too much fun to pass up.

4. I really don’t need to shop for any more clothes but one more crop top isn’t going to kill me…and some shoes…oh, and that bag…

3. If I eat this salad it should cancel out the 6 candy bars I ate today, right?

2.Oh my god, I hope there’s a single Channing Tatum look alike at the beach and then maybe we can get married, and… okay yeah that’s not gonna happen but it’s nice to dream.

1.Get me out of this icebox and to somewhere warm!


Jordan Gruttadauria is a NEPA native that can't wait for a New York City lifestyle. She is a senior at the University of Scranton majoring in Strategic Communication with a concentration in Public Relations and minoring in Theatre. When she is not working on one of the theatre productions at Scranton, you can find Jordan either eating a burrito or binge watching Law and Order: SVU on Netflix(I mean who doesn't want to grow up one day to be Olivia Benson). Jordan and coffee are a bond that cannot be broken, so if you see her on campus expect her to have coffee cup in hand. She is very excited to start writing for Her Campus and share stories with other girls on campus. Follow her on Instagram @jordangruttadauria and on Twitter @jordaaann13
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