You Seem Lost


You seem lost; maybe you should take notes from Kedrick LeGrande. He is a fashion design major at SCAD and takes style cues from the one and only, Kanye West, and you can see that reflected for yourself in our photoshoot and interview. As another D.C. native, he also dishes about the area he grew up in and how it made him want to dress differently. Also, ladies, don’t tell anyone but I saw my roommate and him exchanging 5 panels. Therefore, guys and girls can all learn a thing or two from Kedrick. 


Outfit Details.

Kill City sweater and leather jacket, Gucci belt, King Ice Rolex link bracelet, Dead Heart wrap bracelet, black leather Aldo shoes and gold hoops.


Describe your style.

A lot of black. Where futuristic meets street.


How did you get into fashion?

I’ve always loved clothes. I started out in graphic design and then I realized that I wanted to make the clothes I wear.


Who is your favorite designer?

Riccardo Tisci. (Head designer of Givenchy)


How do you feel about what Tisci has done at Givenchy?

I can't say that I completely adore the latest collection, its brilliant but I'm not feeling the patterns as much. My favorite collection was spring/summer 2012 because the prints and colors were dope.


As a fashion designer who would you like to design for?

I wouldn’t mind designing for Chanel and creating a ready-to-wear line. But I want to design for myself and do street wear and women’s wear. 


D.C. is a fashion filled city. How has growing up there inspired your style?

The way the DMV [D.C., Maryland, Virginia] has made me see style is to not dress like anyone from the DMV. (I started laughing here.) But really, they all dress the same. That’s kind of what made me get into fashion. I wanted to be different from all of them.


How has moving to Savannah impacted your style?

Everyone dresses differently here, which is nice to see. Not just Nike boots and Ralph Lauren polos (another criticism on the DMV). Art school specifically impacted my style.



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