The World Changes; Change the Way you View it

The World Changes; Change the Way you View it

The TV Channel VICELAND should be on your watchlist to see how other parts of the world work.

Viceland consists of documentaries and reality series that are lifestyle oriented. National and global topics and issues are discussed in all of the shows aired on the channel. While some stories are more heart-breaking than others, they're all balanced out with light-hearted concepts. These include cuisine, music, sex, fashion, tech, and comedy.

Three shows that I love to watch are States of Undress, Woman, and Huang’s World. Check out all of the channel’s shows on

States of Undress is about “Hailey Gates exploring global fashion and issues the industry often ignores, showing us what the world wears and why.” While she traveled through China I learned about the low and high end of the fashion industry there.

China manufactures 65% of clothing in the world. While this is a large number, it is decreasing. China is trying to move forward and great products for itself and not so many for other countries. In this country freedom of speech is prevented, freedom of expression and human rights are suppressed. This all is to maintain the one party system. A woman named Jiang Xiayang lost her job of working in a manufacturing building to now having jobs that have a shift that lasts until 10/11 o’clock at night. Her son has to live with her husband’s parents because life at home is too stressful due to the long hours and low wages her and her husband must work.

On a positive note, the government of China hosts their Fashion Week. Fashion is the people’s outlet to express themselves. Some people look towards Vogue for their direction. Angelica Cheung is the Editor in Chief of Vogue China and beats Anna Wintour (editor in chief for US Vogue); when Anna started in 1988 and Angelica in 2005. Remember that yellow omelet/pizza gown Rihanna wore for the MET Gala in 2015?

Well it took all of 55,000 hours to create. Instead of cheap and fast mass production, the designer Guo Pei spent 2 years creating this art piece with traditional Chinese hand embroidery techniques.

Woman is about “women at the intersection of violence and stability, of oppression and progress. Gloria steinem travels the world meeting those whose lives are in the crosshairs.” While she was in Pakistan I learned that woman there can only speak freely, in secret.

In Pakistan a group of people called the Taliban control tribal land and use violence and terror to assert male dominance. In America most would relate women’s issues with less pay than men, occupations, and opinions being taken seriously. In other parts of the world, the issues are far much worse. When women in Pakistan talk “out of place”, the government is not there to help them. The Taliban have no problem with killing children and women if they find out. It’s sad to say that women can’t have their opinions taken seriously, but it’s even more sad to say that these women can’t hardly have their voice heard. They used to be able to go out and about to work in the fields, but now that are helpless and live in refugee camps. They must stay inside their home, and the only way they’re allowed to leave is if another male family member goes along with them.

Here’s the most silliest/idiotic logic/mindset I’ve heard of: If a woman “acts out” or gets attacked, then the whole family is shamed for it because this means the man/men can’t control “their women”. Therefore the men are stressed out because they need to make sure “their women” are always “in order”.

“Eddie Huang is an American restaurateur, chef, food personality, writer, and attorney.” In Huang’s World he travels across the globe learning of other’s culture by cuisine and also hearing individual’s personal stories. While he was in Orlando I learned that he and his father’s views and how they differ because of generation.

If you’ve ever heard of the show Fresh Off the Boat, know that the show is Eddie’s published personal memoir called, Fresh Off the Boat: A Memoir. Growing up with immigrated parents, born in Orlando Florida, and influenced by hip hop artists lifestyle and music definitely shapes a person as it did with Eddie. You get to see this a lot in both F.O.T.B and in Huang’s World (episode: "Orlando"). You also get to see the close bond that Eddie has with his father.

In the epsiode "Orlando", Eddie comes home to visit and help out to prepare food for the big celebration of Chinese New Year. The whole family is in the kitchen cooking away at what they like to do best (Eddie loves to make 2 different types of duck), and you get to see the appreciation they have for food and how they prepare it in their Chinese traditions.

Eddie and his father talk about their views of America. While his dad loves it and appreciates his freedom, Eddie thinks slightly opposite. One being raised in China and then moving to America, while the other being born in America you can see why that is. What fascinates me is that two different people with two different opinions of the world in which they live in can still have so much understanding and love for one another.

What I appreciate most about VICELAND is that the world is put into perspective in an innovative way. I learn about things that I never knew existed. Things that I had known about I think about differently. Everything is genuine and authentic and more of that is needed in this world. These shows are not just informative, they bring a unique light to entertainment.


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