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Trump Vs. Dr. Ford

Here we go again.

We’ve all seen the video of Trump mocking Dr. Christine Blasey Ford when just a few days before he called her a “good witness.” During a campaign rally on Tuesday, October 2 Trump openly imitated what Dr. Ford said in her testimony and was met with cheers and applause from the audience of his rally.

He didn’t stop there. Trump ended his mocking imitation with a call to protect the men of this country and to think about how Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s life and marriage is in “tatters” because of Dr. Ford’s testimony. 

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So, when are people going to stop defending the men that are accused of sexually assaulting women? The most common argument is that these women are lying to get attention, but the truth is that only one percent of sexual allegations are false. The truth is that it’s terrifying for any woman to come out and say that she’s been raped or assaulted.

We have to accept the fact that although we’ve come a long way for women’s rights in America, it’s still a man’s country. Often when any woman makes allegations, she is faced with backlash and death threats. This is true more often in cases with young college students. We hear phrases like “Well, he has a whole life ahead of him” or “Did you try to close your legs?”

It’s infuriating that we have to hear that even when these men are proven guilty. How do they get to walk away? Well, it’s because of comments like Trump’s. As a president, he should actually be making our country a better place to live and that includes helping the women of this country rise out of oppression. It does not help when he accuses women of ruining a man’s life because he assaulted her.

When he does things like this, he makes it abundantly clear that when he called her a good witness a few days before, he was told to say it. It’s times like these that our president shows his true colors and the fact that he can’t even reel it in for someone who’s claiming she was sexually assaulted is a little sad. If everyone else can do it, so can he.

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