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Top 5 Stores you Have to Visit on Rodeo Drive

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SCAD chapter.

Beverly Hills is known as one of the most famous and highly-sought after destinations in the world. With its palm tree-lined streets, village-like atmosphere and gorgeous year-round weather, it comes as no surprise that the city is also home to one of the world’s most famous streets: Rodeo Drive.Rodeo Drive offers the most impressive shopping in Los Angeles. With more than 100 world-renowned stores and hotels comprising its three magnificent blocks, it is easy to become lost in the street’s splendor. There are several highlights, however, that are not to be missed.

1. Loro Piana: What do you get when B&J Fabrics and Burberry have a baby? The answer is Loro Piana. Starting out as wool and fabric traders in the early 1800s, the Piana’s have always had a niche for high-quality fabrics. As the years past, and their business grew, they decided to expand into luxury goods. Now offering products in Women, Men, children, and accessories, the brand has become the go-to place to buy extravagant fabric and hand pieced clothing.

2. Chanel: If you visited Rodeo Drive, but didn’t go inside Chanel, did you really go to Rodeo Drive? The Chanel in Beverly Hills basically sums up all of LA: high-fashion, modern architecture, and lots and lots of style. Including a section dedicated to their fine jewelry, you are sure to drop a few thousand, but make heads turn every step of the way.

3. Wolford: Love the basicness of American Apparel, but hate the quality? I’m pretty sure Wolford started their brand for that same reason (even though they’ve been around WAY longer than AA). Since the 1950s, their focus is on the female silhouette, representing timeless elegance and luxury whilst gently incorporating current trends. Offering basics including womenswear, shapewear, lingerie, you’ll never want to step foot into itchy synthetic fabrics.

4. Versace: Though their collections have not been very original lately, Versace has become a household name (and not because of the Lifetime movie).  Seeing the outside of the store is breathtaking enough. I mean……it looks exactly like the Versace mansion. Selling just about every kind of high-quality piece you could want in your closet, it’s definitely a stop you will have to make.

5. Barbara Bui: Wanting to make her clothing accessible to every woman in a major city, Barbara Bui, can be found on every major street in the US. Her first creations were limited editions principally in leather or suede; pieces that were custom-made in her studio-boutique. Now, Barbara strives to please her edgy gal on the go with hand studded jackets, simple trousers, and slouchy sweaters. 

Whether you plan to travel to LA in the near future, or simply love to shop Rodeo Drive is the perfect shopping destination for every kind of fashionista. 

Hello! My name is Angela Kastrunes. I am a senior Fashion Marketing and Management student at SCAD. I am the founder/CC for Her Campus-SCAD. Our chapter has grown so much over the past 3 years. I'm excited to say we have expanded to the Atlanta campus, and now have over 20 members combined. It's very bittersweet to realize this is my last year, working as a CC for HC. After graduation I hope to either work in social media management, PR for a fashion brand/music label, or as an editor of a fashion magazine (or Her Campus Nationals).