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SCAD at the Oscars


              This year the Oscar awards had 26.5 million people tune into the four-hour show. We watched Tiffany Haddish walk the stage in UGGs, the shape of water won best film, and Mark Bridges win a jet ski. Major accomplishments were made, not only for the winners. Several students from Savannah College of art and design were featured during the red-carpet show.  These ambiguous students have created a short film call “Star Wars; The Odyssey.” Alex Vogt came up with the idea his sophomore year of college. Star Wars was the movie that led him to his passion of film, he wanted to take that and expand on it. Alex and his close friend Sam Browell set to work writing a screen play. Raising $14,000 through a kick start program Alex and his friends began to work on this growing project in September 2017. He hired actors from the schools growing preforming arts programs and headed to work at Tybee island. They wanted to keep the film in the Star Wars universe, but on a college students budget that was difficult.

            Rogue one gave them a chance to capture that scenery. In the last scene the crew is on an island trying to get the death star plans. This allowed the filmmakers to move the cast to Tybee island to shot. This spin off is about a boy named Quin who goes to an imperial controlled moon. Quin is taken down and must figure out how to get through a struggle to save everybody on the mission. Carson Cox the production designer comments on how they are taking Star Wars back to its practical roots by using older cheaper film techniques. Alex believes they have a wonderful group and there is no better time in there lives to create such a fun creative production. One of their professors said if you are not having fun making a film you are doing it wrong. These ambitious young students are using this philosophy and creating amazing things. Even people passing by can see the excitement in the eyes of these students. People on the beach believed the boys were shooting the Han solo movie set to come out May 2018. The trailer for these fan films will be released on May the 4th. The actual episodes will be released the same day as the Han Solo Movie on May 25th of this year. Support your fellow SCAD students and pull it up on YouTube. May the fourth be with you.

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