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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SCAD chapter.

Spring has officially sprung here in Savannah! As much as I love the sunshine, I’m not quite ready to relenquish all of my winter wardrobe. Being a slave to layering, my outfits do not feel complete without lots of pieces. In an effort to compromise, I’ve frequently been turning to one of my fashion essentials-the silk scarf. Recently, I went to a local church rummage sale, where I picked up three fabulous, vintage scarves. They are lightweight enough to wear on these warmer days, and effortlessly chic. As a fibers major, I am drawn to interesting prints and repeating patterns, which all three of these scarves have in abundance. Not sure how to style a silk scarf? Tye it loosely around your neck for a vintage vibe, or twist it around like a headband to hide a bad hair day. The possibilities, and patterns, are endless!

Designer, cat lover, and lipstick enthusiast. SCAD class of 2016. Fibers major. mynameisolivia.com