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Prints, Patterns, Womenswear: We Mix It All Up

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SCAD chapter.

In a previous article I encouraged girl’s to rock menswear, some may even argue steal, but what if I told you that theory worked just as well vice versa? Gage’s style stood out to me the second I saw him in my class- in the least creepiest way possible. His mixing of patterns and prints makes a huge statement, and I can’t get enough of it. The best part? A lot of the pieces in his closet are originally womenswear, and damn does he wear it better than I’m sure most would. Whether or not you apply this aesthetic to your own closet, many (including I), can take pointers from this stylish fashion student and soon to be journalist. From one writer, to another, you lucky readers are about to get every single detail.



Outfit Details.


My shirt, is someone’s dog I bought at Goodwill. My jeans are vintage Guess. The button down is from a friend’s closet. My shoes are Sam Edelman and the bag, Elizabeth and James.


How did you get into fashion?


I’ve always been really interested in fashion. Growing up in Destin, Florida a town where fashion isn’t really celebrated, I initially wasn’t going to go into fashion. I was going to go into Anthropology and Biology at the University of Florida. I went there originally because my parents didn’t want me to go into fashion.


I realized that this is what I am going to be doing for the rest of my life and Anthropology just wasn’t what I wanted to do. Even though fashion is probably a little harder to do, and harder to find a job, fashion is what I know I want to do. I then transferred to from University of Florida to SCAD.


What gave you the idea to incorporate womenswear in your closet?


It’s more so that, instead of me wearing women’s clothes, I want to have an androgynous look. Instead of looking at it more as like someone saying, “I wear women’s clothes” or “I wear men’s clothes” I look at it from the perspective of “look at the clothing I’m wearing.” I just want to be able to wear things that go together. I don’t like conforming to gender roles.


Tell me about some of the journalism you do.


I’m working on bringing the blog back. I was the lifestyle and copy editor for District, right now I am a fashion contributor for Art Rise Savannah. My blog used to be more of a lifestyle blog, but I think I’m going to transition it to being more about art and fashion.


What do you want to do after graduation?


I really want to write and I want to write about fashion. Not just necessarily editorial work, I would love to do anything that involves critiquing or reviewing. I would also love to design a mini collection for my portfolio and for my personal appreciation. I just really, really want to write.


What advice would you offer someone who is unsure of mixing patterns and prints?


Oh go for it. I love that, I mix patterns all the time. It just matters how you pull it off, if you wear it and don’t look comfortable, it won’t work. If you wear it and own it, you look great.


Favorite places to shop?


I thrift all of my clothes, as far as accessories that’s where I spend all of my money. I’ll go on ebay and websites like Gilt to buy discounted designer items. I bought this bag that’s Elizabeth and James just recently (featured in our photoshoot).


Favorite designer and why?


Can I have multiple designers? I love Karen Walker, I love Marni, Thierry Mugler, Vivienne Westwood- okay yeah she’s my favorite designer.


Favorite item in your closet.


My bag (Elizabeth and James) I love this bag, I just got it.


Name one item you have been coveting.


This pair of Celine sunglasses, oh my God, yeah I’ve been saving up for them. They’re these big black ones; they’re beautiful.



Loved these pictures and want to see more? Check out Maddie’s portfolio at https://www.behance.net/madeleinemivey.

Student at the Savannah College of Art and Design majoring in Fashion Marketing and Management with a minor in writing. Shoe enthusiast with a deep rooted love for Alexander Wang. Contact: ashleynrosales@gmail.com Instagram/Twitter: @smvshed www.smashedavocados.com