A Pocket Friendly Summer Break

The idea of summer is all fun and all until you realize that money is involved. Being a full time student, employed - some of us making minimum wage; times do get hard. But that shouldn't stop you from experiencing all life has to offer. Especially during the summer! Saving up a few dollars a couple months ahead will ensure you have the best time whereveer you go. Here are 5 travel destination spots that will keep both you and your pockets happy.

1. San Juan, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico may be a little cliche when you think about how many of us travel there for Spring Break. But, who cares?! San Juan is a beautiful place and an affordable getaway. Us students can even find more savings during the summer. Booking a room in San Juan is no headache, and the location puts you right within easy access of the beach. (Which is at the top of all our lists, of course.)  Round trip flights from major U.S. airports only costs an average of $330. I mean, can you beat that? 

2. Phoenix, Arizona

The thought of living in Arizona during the summer might be a litle scary, but think of it this way - the high temperatures drives away the city's usual tourists, making Phoenix a great spot to vacation during the summer. Even the area's  most expensive resorts offer impressive discounts. And get this - round-trip tickets only amount to around $270. Exactly what we need!


3. Key West, Florida

Want to go to Miami, but not too keen of all the crowds and parties? Known for warm beaches and eccentric residents, Key West offers a relaxed yet unexpected summer adventure. Like its neighbor, Miami Beach, Key West is easily enjoyable on foot - with stores, restaurants, and nightlife just inches away from eachother. There are so many things to do including boat tours and checking out a butterfly reservatory. 

4. Ocean City, Maryland

Yes, there is such a thing as vacationing in the North. Ocain City specializes in the classic American beach vacation. There's a boardwalk, amusement rides, and souvenir shops. Pretty much everything you can think of. And the seafood? Amaaaazing. Ocean City makes the perfect getaway for those that want a vacation but a home feeling all at the same time.

5. Toronto, Canada

Let's face it. The only reason most of us want to visit Canada is to snag a glance of Drake. (or am I the only one?) Besides that, Toronto houses some of the best attractions that would make visiting for summer so worthwhile. The diversity itself is incredible.  Toronto has 200 ethnic groups that speak over 140 different languages which makes this destination a world all its own. With Greek Town, Little itally, Koreatown and Chinatown all within city limits - it'll actually feel more like a world tour. Along with its multucultural shops in quirky neighborhoods, Toronto also has one of the world's largest underground shopping malls - and I'll leave it there.