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Overcoming Roommate Drama

Our college years or our 20’s are the worst and best times of our life. We grow every day, learning more and more about ourselves every day. One of these steps we take in our life journey is learning to live with a roommate. I believe having a roommate or roommates is a crash course in how to live with other people, besides mom and dad, before you become an adult and live with your loved one.

Over the past couple of weeks, I myself have had some issues with my roommate, things have gotten so bad that our friendship is much damaged and it is going to take a while for us to repair it. So looking back at where things started to go wrong, I wanted to share a little insight so hopefully you and your roommate can avoid a damaged friendship.

You can have many problems with roommates, but one I have always had was communication issues. With my roommates, she likes to hold things in and never tell me when something is wrong. Never be afraid to talk to your roommates of the people you live with. You made a decision to live with this person and you should be able to be completely comfortable and yourself. So if you’re living with a person and they’re doing something that makes you feel uncomfortable, say something. If you hold back, nothing will ever change and you will stay uncomfortable in your own space.

Respect is another major part of living with other people. Respect the person you live with and their things. When you get close to you roommates, one can forget that people still have their own space and things that should go untouched. Try remembering to respect everything about your roommates.

Now I am not saying everyone will have has badly of roommate drama as myself, but it is always good to take a step back and reevaluate where you stand with you roommates. It’s hard to go from living with one of your best friends to living in a place of uncomfort… Communication and respect is key!

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