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My Favorite Murder (a Podcast About Murder?)

If you don’t listen to the rest of this podcast, at least listen to the theme song because it’s hella catchy. (And it’s sung by one of the hosts who claims she has no musical talent.) From the first moment I heard that tune, I was interested. I mean, the taboo sounding name is enough to get any writer to glance twice. I heard about this podcast from a girl I had just met. “I know the name sounds weird,” she told me, “but I promise it’s good.”

When I looked them up on Spotify, I laughed. Their profile picture was “My Favorite Murder” laid out in ransom letters. You know the letters that look like they’ve been cut out of different magazines and are in every stereotypical kidnapper movie ever? It was perfect.

I started listening to their latest one. I know that that bothers some people that I didn’t start from the beginning, but I knew that there were going to be some kinks in that first episode. Don’t get me wrong, the first episode has great content, but you could tell that they didn’t have fancy mics yet.

Photo Credit: My Favorite Murder Instagram


Anyway, it was after that first episode that I realized I liked the way these women talked about murders. Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark magically make the most horrendous acts interesting to listen to. Although they discuss the most grizzly murders, you find yourself laughing at their jokes and excited to hear more. They leave you on the edge of your seat and, honestly, make driving go by much faster (especially road trips).

 Now, don’t think that this podcast makes light of people dying; in fact, it does the opposite. While you feel terrible for those poor people that have been assaulted and brutally murdered, you are also celebrating life with Karen and Georgia. They go out of their way to acknowledge the terrible and call the survivors “badasses” and “heroes.” Many survivors have actually listened to Karen and Georgia’s podcast and have reached out to offer thanks, which in turn just makes one of the women cry.

It’s this vulnerability from these two that make you feel like you’re talking to your best friends. They carry on a conversation with themselves but somehow, you feel included. Karen and Georgia don’t hold anything back, much like anyone’s friends. They don’t try to be perfect and often leave in Georgia burping (although supposedly Karen is the one who’s known for burping in public).

That’s what makes them amazing storytellers. And role models. And a place to get information for writers who like to write about murder or true crime. Karen and Georgia draw you into a story that you might not normally want to hear about. They’re smart and enlightening and they’re a source you can trust because they both are constantly on the lookout for the truth. They have this weird knack for digging out the facts even when they’re hard to find; they dig so you don’t have to.

Karen and Georgia have become so popular that people have started stopping them on the street, which they find funny because no one sees their faces during the podcast. I love when they gush about all their “Murderino” fans because I feel proud of how far they’ve come. In just two years, these two hilarious women have become famous worldwide and it’s obvious that they’ve earned it.

Each episode is hilarious and entertaining and is always, always ended with “Stay Sexy. And don’t get murdered.” and Karen saying to her cat, “Elvis do you want a cookie?” followed by a very loud meow.

Victoria (or Vic as her friends like to call her) loves to read the classics, especially those set in the Roaring 20s, and exercising so she doesn't sit on her couch all day. She currently writes for HerCampus and Exhibit A by Lindsey's Kloset. There, she writes about all things beauty and fitness and self-care. When she's not furiously trying to write her articles in time, she nestles in her thousands of pillows, binge watching "Friends."
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