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Meet Kerrilyn Gibson


Kerrilyn Gibson is a junior from Birmingham, Alabama. She studies Fashion Marketing and is thinking about minoring in Graphic Design. She normally attends the Savannah campus, but you won’t find her there this quarter. Why? Because she’s attending the Hong Kong campus this fall!

Kerrilyn loves watching True Blood, traveling to new places, going on day trips, shopping and attending concerts—she event went to Bonnaroo after she graduated high school! She loves cooking and eating dessert and is always down to try new foods. Her celebrity crush is Ben Dalhaus.


I sat down with Kerrilyn over breakfast to talk to her about choosing Hong Kong and about her future plans. Take a look!

NG: Why did you choose the Hong Kong campus?

KG: I love to travel, and I figured I might as well travel while in school. It’s great that SCAD has this campus because it gives me the opportunity to experience a new city—and I didn’t have to plan a trip on my own!

NG: What’s something you plan on doing while in Hong Kong?

KG: It’s looking like I’m going to be attending Shanghai Fashion Week with the Fashion Department which is awesome. I’m pretty much up for anything and I really want to try cliff diving. I’m excited to try street foods—there are so many to choose from!

NG: Do you have a fun experience to tell me about your time in Hong Kong?

KG: At first it was a challenge to navigate the MTR (Hong Kong’s subway system). But once I got off at the right stop, I felt like I had mastered the city.

NG: What’s your dream job?

KG: I would love to be an editor or work in creative direction. It would be awesome to just steal Anna Wintour’s job. I’m really into fashion writing and I’ve been working on my blog.  HYPERLINK kerrilynnoelle.wordpress.com

NG: If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

KG: London. I’ve been there before but it’s my favorite place in the world. Now that I’ve been to Hong Kong I really want to explore all of Asia. Greece, Australia, Japan and New Zealand are also on my list.


If you’re spending the next ten weeks in Hong Kong, be sure to reach out and get to know Kerrilyn—you won’t regret it! 


Photo credit: Joshua McLeod

I'm a junior at SCAD Savannah where I study Advertising. I've also been lucky to travel to SCAD Hong Kong for fall quarter of my junior year. This is my second year writing for Her Campus and I'm really enjoying it. I love the Red Sox, country music, playing golf and being with my friends. I hope you enjoy my posts! 
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