Little Miss Broke: Finding Yourself Through the Hard Times

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One of the things we celebrate at Her Campus SCAD are our local girl bosses, and the owner of Little Miss Broke, Elisabeth Vareen, is the perfect example of this. Located close to our sister campus, SCAD Atlanta, Little Miss Broke offers vintage and thrifted finds, perfect for the college fashionista on a budget. A little while ago, I had the chance to sit down with Elisabeth and hear a bit about how she got started, her story, and what Little Miss Broke has to offer to the community.

Image Courtesy of Kasey Appignani

“At 26, life has always been a continuous whirlwind of laughs and crystal clear cries. Diagnosed at 24 with Schizo-effective Disorder, my medical doctors knew I needed to find an outlet for my emotional tornado held inside my head 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. Based on the diagnosis, a main part of yourself that is ever- evolving is your style and personality. Both elements, of course, are going to incorporate how you do your hair, what makeup of the day it is (so to speak), and most importantly, what is in store for the world as you pick out your outfit. There were no questions asked when my psychiatrist advised a plan for directing my "passion for fashion" into a small business. I did hesitate and although I gawked at the idea, I dedicated 2 yrs. while in treatment brainstorming about where I was going to take this lifeline of what could help heal my mental illness. Many may think figuring out the technical side of how to incorporate and computing sales tax is hard, but creating an outline of your brands story is by far a tunnel where you possibly can never see the light. Talia Castellano had a lot to do with that light and in the end, I grasped who I was in the process and Little Miss Broke was born. Little for what people thought I would achieve and Broke, because let's get real ladies's pretty obvious Little Miss Broke is still "squatting from the bottom." On a lighter note, The Little Miss Broke girl wears simplistically simple at BEST. 90’s Patagonia and oversized vintage are all her rage. She will pair worn Birkenstocks or a Chaco for a stare, while playing with her tie dyed hair. A southern twang is in her dialect and if not, she represents The New South to the fullest!”

Image Courtesy of Kasey Appignani

Elisabeth and Little Miss Broke have been such an inspiration to us, and we were blessed enough to get to try out some of the unique finds for ourselves! A little bit of vintage, a little bit of grunge, and a whole lot of style make up the pieces found in Little Miss Broke's shop. We had so much fun trying them all out and getting the opportunity to incorporate them into our daily outfits. All of the pieces are at a completely reasonable price point, and make for great conversation starters, especially since each piece is completely unique! A huge thank you to Elisabeth for sharing her story with us, and letting us try out her amazing products.

Be sure to check out her Instagram and Website for the latest updates and to shop the store!