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Kelsey Spills About Long Distance Relationships!

I met Kelsey fall quarter and was so shocked when she told me she had a boyfriend who lived 15 hours away! From what I recall, I flooded her with questions like “How do you do it?!” or “Why would you do it?!”  After trying and barely succeeding at one of my own, I’ve always had a negitive idea bout long distnace relationships. But from the way Kelsey answered the questions with ease, I knew he whole long distance relationship couldn’t have been that bad, especially with her and her guy! So read further to see what Kelsey has to say about them & her relationship in particular.

HC: Name, Major, Classification?


Kelsey: “My name is Kelsey Beattie, my major is Motion Media Design, and I’m a sophomore transfer student”


HC: What are you most excited to do over the break?


Kelsey: “I couldn’t be more excited to see my loved ones back home, my mom and my boyfriend in particular! But I can’t forget about the home cooked meals calling my name either!”


HC: How long have you been dating each other & how’d you meet?


Kelsey: “Anthony and I will be dating for 4 years in April, we started dating in high school when we met at a local hockey game!” 


HC: How far apart do you live?


Kelsey: “We currently live 15 hours away from one another, due to him being in our home town in New York, and me attending good ole’ SCAD”


HC: How often do you get to see him?


Kelsey: “We see each other every break, he doesn’t have much time to visit because he has a full time job but we look forward to the future summer road trip home together!”


HC: How often per week do you talk?


Kelsey: “We talk as much as we can, like I said he works full time and I am in classes so we’re only able to have a real conversation at night. This is nice though because we end up having a full day of stories to tell one another!”


HC: How has attending SCAD had an effect on your relationship?


Kelsey: “Attending SCAD has had an effect on how much we miss one another for sure! We don’t take time for granted. We make every second count when we’re together, it is so bittersweet.”


HC: What’s the #1 hardest thing about maintaining a long distance relationship?


Kelsey: “The #1 hardest thing about maintaining a long distance relationship has had to be miscommunication. We are so busy with our everyday lives that arguments occur from something as small as misreading a text message or misinterpreting a statement we had said the night before.”


HC: What’s the hardest thing about actually being away from your significant other?


Kelsey: “The hardest thing about being away from one another is the company. I enjoy being with him whether it be a quick lunch date or a very rare entire day together!”


HC: Who do you find yourself confiding in the most when/if you need to talk about relationship problems or if you need advice?


Kelsey: “I don’t necessarily go to anyone for relationship advice. I know how I’d like my relationship to work and the only person I should be communicating with about the change is with him!” 


HC: What the best advice you’ve ever received about your relationship/relationships in general?


Kelsey: “Hmm the best relationship advice I have received is if the person you’re with isn’t willing to make sacrifices for your relationship, then reconsider the relationship you’re in!”


HC: What’s the best gift you’ve ever received from him?


Kelsey: “The best gift I ever received from him. As corny as it may sound, it has to be his consistent love and care for me regardless of how moody I am! Materialistically, my GoPro!” 


HC: Why do you think there’s such a negative connotation behind long distance relationships?


Kelsey: “Long distance relationships are put down in the dumps so often and I think it’s due the lack of trust that comes from each individual. It’s all about trust and respect for your significant other. If you really love them this won’t be difficult at all!”


HC: What would you say is the hardest thing to overcome in your relationship other than the actual distance?


Kelsey: “The hardest thing to overcome for me had to be the difference of being with one another almost every day back home vs. now, not being able to be with each other at all!”


HC: Any advice for those about to start a LD relationship?


Kelsey: “If you truly want it, go and get it! Just like anything else life throws your way!”


HC: Any advice for those already in a LD relationship?


Kelsey: “Every argument and miscommunication is worth it, don’t give up on your love!!”



Fashion Marketing and Management & Fashion Design student at SCAD.
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