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How to Stay Positive about the Future

Now that I’m in my third year in college, graduation is getting closer and closer, and the unsure feelings of, “Am I ready for the real world”, have begun to kick in.  So I thought about all the things that successful people had done in order to achieve their goals and how that could benefit everyone. So here were a few commonalities that I found that could be helpful in the journey to becoming your best self.

Block out negative people

On many occasions it’s easy to simply fit into a friend base that feels comfortable, but actually does nothing to push you to do the things you really want to do in life.  This can be very crippling for you in the future because you no longer feel the need to pursue new avenues of possibilities that could lead you to attaining true success.  Friends are not the only ones that could influence your overall drive, but also family members.  Yes, I know you can pick your family, but you can choose which ones you allow yourself to listen to.  It is best to place the voices of those that doubt your capabilities on mute and only tune into the channel with those that believe in your dreams.   

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Use your free time wisely

In order for you to actually take off in your particular area of interest and or study, you have to remain dedicated to it.  Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, a psychologist, once said, “Everyone who creates genuine change has first needed to master their domain”.  He was basically referring to the idea that for us to really do great things in our fields of work, we should first be great at what it is we do. One must be willing to put in time and effort in equal amounts, but view it as an investment in your self!

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Guard your mind from unhealthy self-talk

I believe that the making of a positive and resilient spirit starts in the mind.  You have to examine what you are telling your self.  Are the talks that you have in your mind of an optimistic nature?  Or does what you have to say promote worry and fear?  It is very easy to think of yourself or the work you produce in a negative light so flood your brain cells with positive affirmations, and refrain from using the word ‘can’t’!

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Dwell on your success

What are you thinking about everyday? Would you say that you spend more time during the day focusing on the things that you have done wrong or the things that you have done right?  It is great if you choose to examine what you have done incorrectly so that you can learn from it and continue to grow, but if it is hindering you from continuing your journey then it is becoming a problem.   If this is the case, then I would suggest that you take into consideration all the areas that you’ve been excelling in, and use that as a constant thought alongside what you have learned from areas that you have maybe not been so successful in in the past.  This combination is more likely to keep you balanced. 

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Connect with others who are striving towards similar life goals

By surrounding your self with like-minded people who are also striving towards a specific goal and or goals, you can begin to adopt the same driven mind set.  Through constant positive interactions with these types of people it will become easier to believe in you ability to achieve the goals that you may have set for your self.  When an individual has such a supportive base of other individuals backing them up there is a higher possibility that that individual will become more confident in themselves, thus giving them the intrinsic motivation to keep moving forward.


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I am currently a college student sutdying Jewelry Design.  Fashion and all things chocolate, eventhough they may not have connections to each other, are my muses! I personally love travelling and writing about life's experiences because I feel like there is so much to be shared particularly in a positive light! 
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