How to NOT Procrastinate in 2017

1. The first step in beating the procrastination blues is to get yourself a planner that does it all for you. It needs to have full calendars as well as a place to record your homework. I prefer something a little more adorned, certain brands including Lily Pulitzer, Kate Spade, or Emily Ley. However, if you like something more low-key, simply get a sketchbook or blank journal to make your own! The freedom of buying a blank planner allows you to decorate it any way you want with different colors. Creating your own planner also permits sketching and note taking.

2. The next step is to put everything down in the planner! Publish a strict, strict study schedule. Write down the exact times you will be in class and doing homework. You might also need to factor in extra curricular as well as a part-time job, exercising, and relaxing. However if you write this down, you NEED to stick to the schedule. This schedule could save yourself from a lot of headache in the future.


3. Although there is so much going on with schoolwork and life, you have to take a break. Nothing is more important than your mental health. It is super important to factor in the right amount rest for yourself. This can be accomplished by completing all your work in order to relax before bed as well as get a whole seven to eight hours of sleep.


4. If you implement a study schedule, start your projects and papers way in advance so you are not stressed out before the deadline. This means you can concentrate on the presentation and critique part of the project.  If you start major projects and papers as soon as they are assigned, there are other advantages as well. You can fully engage in the problem-solving problems. Fully immerse yourself in brainstorming and completion.  


5. Talk to your professors outside of class time. This can be right after class or schedule a meeting with them. But they can help you with any specific questions. Also this will help if you want extra help on a project or just simply some feedback for it.