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Her Campus Cutie: Anton Tsibu


Anton Tsibu is a very good friend of mine that I met my sophomore year at SCAD. Besides that he is crazy beyond anything he is the most sweetest and caring person I have ever met. He is very dedicated to volunteering at SERVE to be more specific the pet project coordinator!  He is just one of those people who just has to help somebody. Unlike most straight guys who are friends with girls, he actually is just a friend to me nothing more and nothing less and I couldn’t ask for anyone better to have my back. 

Name: Anton Tsibu

Hometown: Nashville

Sign: Aries

Major: Sequential Art

Year: Junior

HC: Describe yourself in 3 words.  Unpredictable, Sassy, Strong

HC: What do you say is your best feature? My arms

HC: What do the boys say is you best feature? My smileHC: What made you come to SCAD? My love for working behind the scenes on animation projects and creating/designing characters that people will love for years.HC: What is you favorite memory of SCAD thus far? Helping out at the local Humane Society and getting to know this one dog named Big Bird. He was so shy around me at first, but every week I visited, he warmed up to me. I was so sad, but happy when I found out he was adopted.

HC: What inspired you to work in sequential art? The flexibility that many comic artists and cartoonists have.

HC: Plans after college? Living the dream through freelance work.

 HC: What is most attractive feature in a girl? Her heart

HC: What does it take for a girl to keep you interested? The ability to bake cinnamon buns.

HC: Who is you favorite artist and why? Jack Kirby, he’s very dynamic in his comic book pages, and has such an iconic style.

HC: Favorite things to do? Hobbies? Work out at the gym, run, practice karate, play video games, play soccer, the list goes on.

HC: Are you spoken for or single? Single

HC: Favorite food? Honey Buns

 HC: Favorite band/musician? Crush40


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