The Front Row Seat

Chanel is statement name across the world, wither you’re in the know with fashion or not, you know the name. For years, we’ve all heard the issue of not being able to see very well if you’re not in the first two rows of a fashion show. With the amount of important guests, writers, photographers it can challenging to give everyone the spot they all would kill for, the front row seat. I

In Lagerfeld fashion, done with the constant complaints, gave all 3,000 guests a front row seat to the Chanel A/W16 show. Each guest was gifted with show full of details and the models were gifted with a half mile runway.

If you’re going to give a front row seat to everyone, you have to have the details to show. Lagerfeld did not disappoint. With almost one-hundred looks, there was  a look for everyone. Business of Fashion stated


“He was very taken with a new skirt option, lean and long but zipping at the side so you could show as much or as little leg as you wanted.  Paired with a zipped jacket, it offered a winningly casual update on the classic tweed suit, particularly in knit.”


With a touch of soft suiting and string of pearls, Lagerfeld still kept to the Chanel roots. The simplicity of Chanel is the show was had a casual element to it but still bordered couture fashion.