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Starting college is an exciting time for all of us. Everything’s brand new. New city, new teachers, new people and definitely a new and bigger workload. Being a freshman can sometimes be a little overwhelming and that tends to start showing around week 3, when your “cute outfits” turn into baggy t-shirts and the sweatpants you swore you would only ever sleep in.

At SCAD we pride ourselves on our creativity. That means crazy rainbow hair, black lipstick and a whole lot of thrift store finds that have been chopped up to be something amazing. Yet we also have to build sculpture in 2 days and paint ridiculously detailed paintings in a week which means 3 things:

  1. We don’t really have the time to spend hours putting together an outfit.
  2. Most of our clothes will be covered in some sort of art material so budget clothing is key.
  3. When you’re laying on the floor trying to understand the angles of your still life, you need to be able to move so comfort is a necessity.

Although you would think people walk around in their pajamas all day, that’s not even remotely the case. We want to look good, and for some of us we even want to make a living out of looking good. So in the few short weeks we have been here we have had to adapt and maybe even get out of our comfort zone to wear outfits that are both fashion forward and functional. For those of you who are lacking inspiration or just have run out of ideas on how to make those paint stained t-shirts actually look decent — this article is just for you. Of course everyone’s style is different but as freshman we always want to look our best, so here’s a look at some of SCAD’s very own freshman fashion.

Name: Olivia Damico, Film and Televison 

Outfit: Choker- Brandy Melville, Body-Suit- Urban Outfitters, Jeans- Levi’s, Boots- FRYE

Name: Alexis Poyton, Fashion Marketing

Outfit: Flannel- Urban Outfitters, Overalls- H&M, T-Shirt- H&M, Shoes- H&M, Necklace- Local Boutique

Name: Sylvie Baggett, Writing

Outfits: Romper: Urban Outfitters, Shoes: Thrift Store, Bag: ASOS, Sunglasses: Quay

Name: Delaney Hayden, Fashion

Outfit: Bralette- Free People, Overalls- Free People, Shoes- Birkenstocks

Name: Lexi Taes

Outfit: Jumpsuit- Free People, Shoes- Urban Outfitters


Name: Sophie Nelson, Industrial Design

Outfit: Top- Civvies, Shorts: Own Design, Shoes: Vans

Name: Brittany Dinkins, Undecided

Outfit: Shirt- Zara, Romper- Target, Shoes- Birkenstocks

Name: Mat Damato, Film & Televsion

Outfit: Sunglasses- Civvies, Shirt- H&M, Jeans- Route 21, Shoes- Converse, Watch- Daniel Wellington

Name: Isabella Coffel

Outfit: Shirt- Forever 21, Jeans- American Eagel, Shoes- Guess, Necklaces- Urban Outfitters & Alex and Ani

Name: Nick Hoffman, Graphic Design

Outfit: T-Shirt- Supreme NY, Jeans- H&M, Shoes- Saucany, Watch- Nixon


Credits to Photographer: Jessica Caughron


Hey! Im Alyssa, i'm a freshman at SCAD planning to major in Fashion Marketing and Management! I love all things fashion and i'm from India and Houston, TX but i've lived in Dubai almost my entire life! I promise we will get through college together!
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