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Fashion Designer: Yanique Roye

The month of April is devoted to SCADstyle. It was only fitting for Her Campus to interview an up and coming fashion designer from the School of Fashion. Meet Yanique Roye, a friendly Jamaican girl with strong direction in fashion.

Major: Fashion Design

Hometown: Port Saint Lucie, FL but Jamaican Born

Favorite food: Everything, I’m a foodie.

Guilty pleasure: Chocolate

Favorite show you like to watch on Netflix: Scandal

Celebrity Crush: Ian Somerhalder or Charles Michael Davis

Relationship Status: Single

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio


Her Campus: Describe yourself in three words.

Yanique Roye:

1.     Optimistic

2.     Clumsy

3.     Fun-loving

HC: What do you enjoy doing on the weekends?

Yanique: Dancing, watching movies, and seeing friends

HC: What do you like about SCAD the most?

Yanique: I like that almost all of my classes are art based.

HC: SCAD is different from most colleges or universities. Is there any activity you wish SCAD had?

Yanique: A football team.

HC: You’re originally from Florida, is it convenient going to college located fairly close to home?

Yanique: Yes, its nice having the option to go home on the weekends, even though I haven’t yet.

HC: That’s all right, our work loads can get pretty heavy. We are just starting our third quarter of the academic year. How have you grown as an artist?

I’ve grown a whole lot, being surrounded by other creative people has really pushed me to improve my skills.

HC: SCAD has a reputable fashion program. Why are you interested in fashion design?

Yanique: Fashion is a necessity of life. If we can’t walk around naked, we might as well strut in something you feel amazing in.

HC: What type of garments would you design?

Garments that make you feel a little special no matter where you’re going.

HC: What is your dream job?

Yanique: Having my own fashion label.

HC: Have you designed any exciting pieces yet?

I designed a dress completely made of peanut shells, putting it together was an exciting experience.

HC: Are you currently working on any creative garments now?

Yanique: Yes, I’m designing a dress out of paper towel rolls. I’m trying to make it a commentary piece on waste and art.

HC: How would you describe your personal style?

Yanique: Quirky urban chic

HC: What’s your go-to item in your closet?

Yanique: My Levi jeans. They’re comfortable, fit great and easy to dress up or down.

HC: If you were asked on a date, describe what you would wear.

Yanique: Probably a flowy dress, a cute little jacket, and heeled ankle boots.

HC: Is there a fragrance that you would pair with it?

Yanique: Daisy by Marc Jacobs.

HC: What qualities do you look for in a guy?

Yanique: The same qualities I would look for in a best friend: silliness, intelligence, and honesty

HC: What are three items every girl should have in her closet?

Yanique: Cute sneakers, statement earrings, and a LTB of course.

Favorite fashion designer: Vera Wang

New York or Paris Fashion Week: I can’t choose

Flip-flops or gladiators: Gladiators

Jeans or colored pants: Both!!

Bold or neutral colors: A mixture. I find they look best when you use both in your outfit.

HC: Are you excited about SCADstyle coming up?

Yanique: Yes! Anything fashion related and I’m there.

HC: What other events will you be attending this quarter?

Yanique: SCAD International Festival, The Sidewalk Festival and the Sand Art Festival on Tybee.

If you see Yanique around Dyson or sewing in Eckburg, make sure to say hi to her. Stay updated on her paper roll dress by following her on Instagram @CutesKlutz. 

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