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Easy Hair for the Busy College Girl

For some of us, as we start to get closer to graduation, we have more responsibility for school which means less time to take care of our self’s.  So what do we do when we have a presentation or important critique and our hair is basically a tornado that hasn’t really been taken care of in a good week?  Here are some easy quick hair styles for any girl with any hair.

1. The French Braid

In my opinion this is the best braid you need to know because it can be done in so many different ways. Upside down, on the sides, center back, and so much more. Don’t know how to french braid? Here’s a video that can help you out.


2. The ‘half up’ do

This classic look is great for business casual. It’s simple and elegant. This is easier for girls with straighter hair, but if you do have naturally curly hair, be sure to wash your hair the night before. You can either pin two side pieces of hair, you can twist them, cross them, braid them, and so much more!

3. The messy bun

Easiest of them all, but more a casual look. I like to keep my buns either on top of my head or in the center. When you make your bun, take your hair like you’re about to put your hair in a ponytail, but twist your hair into a bun. Wrap your hair tie around the bun and pull smaller strands to give it a messy look. Be sure you don’t make it too messy or you’ll look like you just got out of bed.

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