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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SCAD chapter.

As many as you may know, the movie Divergent opened in theaters Thursday March 20th. Now usually I am not a fan of writing about movies because I believe people should go see the movie themselves and have their own opinion. But with Divergent, things are different. This is for the Divergent book fans that may or may not know what to expect for the movie.

If you have not seen the movie or read the book, I advise you not to read any further because there will be some spoilers.

The movie Divergent starts off exactly how it should, Tris’s mother cutting her hair and giving her advice about her testing. They open with showing the different factions and showing them in a great way, projecting each faction with a five second clip as to what they do. It was a great first thirty seconds of the movie. But things started to get skipped, or fast forward through when they got to training. For example, parent day and Tris’s mom telling her to ask Caleb to research the truth serum… gone. Tris beating Molly in training didn’t happen. What they did instead was show Peter beating Tris, as in the book, but when she woke up in recovery, Christina and Will tell her Eric has kicked her out of the Daughtless and she is now Factionless. Now if you were as big as fan as me, you would be angrey because those were such key things in the book that help make the end.

The movie also did not give Edward as much screen time as he needed. If you read the books you understand how confused some movie goers will be with Insurgent. And like any book gone movie, there were little details that were skipped- Caleb never wore glasses, Tris didn’t find Caleb in the library- but don’t let me discourage you to see the movie!

After seeing the movie three times, where I wasn’t analyzing the whole time, I actually go to enjoy the movie and see the good they did with the movie. Some things came more alive with the movie. When two people would go up to battle and someone would get beat so bad they couldn’t go anymore, I felt like the beating seemed was worse than in the book. Another big part in the movie was the capture the flag and zip lining scene were perfection! They were so drama filled and helped bring the book to life!

If you have not seen the movie yet, go this weekend! If you haven’t read the book, go grab a copy as soon as you can. If you have done either, what are you waiting for!? Both were fantastic and I cannot wait for Insurgent March 2015!