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The Cutest Boutique in Savannah

Shopping locally is by far one of my favorite things to do.  Savannah, GA is flooded with tons of boutiques to shop.  It can be overwhelming!  I have been at school in Savannah for almost six months now and I still have not discovered all of the places to shop!  One place that I found that distictly stuck out to me is Mamie Ruth and M. Liz Jewelry.

                                  Photography Credit to Peter Chrzan

Mamie Ruth and M. Liz Jewelry is by far the cutest local find in Savannah.  ALL of the clothing and accessories in the store are made by the designers, right here in Savannah!  How cool is that?!  Their design studio is in the same building as the shop; you can even see their work stations through the side doors inside the shop!  The clothing is 100% unique, making your purchase from here even better!  The little shop is very hippie inspired with a bohemian chic flare.  The owners of the shop are so personable and will even offer to create a new necklace for you if you want a different color of metal, or whatever your request may be!  The jewelry designer, Mary Liz, is a SCAD alum.  Seeing a successful designer from our school is the coolest thing!  She loves what she does and puts an enormous amount of effort into the business.

                                  Photography by Kara Harvey​

The fashion designer of the shop makes all of the clothing herself!  She not only makes all of the clothing for the shop in Savannah, but she also makes all of the clothing for her orders that she has on Belk!  You do not have to buy their clothes just in Savannah now; you can buy them anywhere in the country.  From printed pants, to originally designed graphic tees, she does it all!

                                   Photography by Peter Chrzan

                                  Photography by Kara Harvey

The store does a great job with connecting with the community through local events.  Their local events always support a charity of some sort, which makes it all the better!  Before Christmas, they combined with other stores on the same street as them, Liberty Street, and they organized an event that they called, “The Liberty Street Lineup.”  A persentage of the money made that night went to a local charity.  It got the community in the holiday spirit in a positive way.  They also held a Galentine’s Day event where they had two locals come in to sell their homemade products.  One of the women did adorable homemade cookies, Decolour Cookies, and the other women was selling homemade perfumes.  She also had a create your own perfume station.  Events like these are so important to have to encourage the support of local shops!

                                   Photography by Kara Harvey

                                  Photography by Kara Harvey

                                  Photography by Kara Harvey

Overall, Mamie Ruth and M. Liz Jewelry is the perfect spot for shopping in Savannah.  It is such an inspiring shop and they have so much to offer!  They give their shoppers many opportunities to come back for fun!  They do local events and also do yoga once every month on Saturday’s!  They are the best at connecting eith the community and with students.  It is refreshing to find a shop that is thriving with so much creativity!  Go check it out and treat yourself!!

                                   Photography by Merritt Penticoff


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