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Christmas Bucket List 2016

I have always been the adventurous one within my group of friends.  So this Christmas I thought it would be a good idea to share some of what I would like to do during this Christmas break or the next, and possibly inspire those that read this to add a few of these to their lists or come up with fun ideas of their own. 


1) Crafty Secret Santa

Now I know a lot of you reading this at home are probably wondering why I had put this on the list, but the Secret Santa is almost always a good idea and gives room for you to basically do whatever you want.Being that I am an art student, I felt it would be a really cool idea to have everyone that participates, create and or make their gift that they would be giving to the person that they chose.So it poses a challenge while at the same time introducing a certain element of creativity and excitement.


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2) Host a huge bonfire!

When in doubt of what to do next, just gather around a fire underneath the stars.  I have always hosted mini bonfires for smore roasting fun, but now I want to take it to the next level and go all out.  I would like to have much bigger fire than the ones I have had in the past as to give myself an excuse to invite more people.  The more the merrier!  More people would hopefully result in more laughs, stories, and ultimately more fun!

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3) Experience the holidays in a foreign country

Even if I do not get to do this before the end of this year, it will definitely be a goal of mine to have done this by the time the next Christmas rolls around.It has always been an interest of mine to learn about the holiday traditions that would take place in other countries around this time, and a dream of mine to have actually experienced them myself.

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4) Create handcrafted ornaments

I always find it awesome to put a part of myself in everything that I do, including what goes on my family Christmas tree.   I have never taken the time to actually make ornaments, but I feel that that would probably change this time around.  Handcrafted ornaments seem to give certain flair and cozy and inviting feeling.

Courtesty of: otthondekor.network.hu


5) Share Christmas with someone new

Whether it’s someone special that you would like to introduce to your parents or a friend that you simply love being around, it continuously amazes me how the atmosphere changes when someone that you would not usually celebrate a holiday with is brought into the festivities.  The positive vibes from those around you that are genuinely enjoying themselves definitely contributes to great memories that you can later reflect on. 

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6) Transform “The Dinner”

Every Christmas the food always seems to be the same, and even though it’s always great I would like to experiment every once in a while with a recipe for a comfort dish from another country.  I feel that by having one new dish to add to the already long list of holiday food items would spice things up just enough to give everyone something to talk about. 

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I do hope these ideas encourage everyone to continue trying new things and come up with exciting ways in which to celebrate the Christmas holidays! 

I am currently a college student sutdying Jewelry Design.  Fashion and all things chocolate, eventhough they may not have connections to each other, are my muses! I personally love travelling and writing about life's experiences because I feel like there is so much to be shared particularly in a positive light! 
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