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Christine Everdell

Hometown? Littleton, Massachusetts  

Year? Freshman

Major? Graphic Design

How long have you been riding horses? Since I was 5, so about 14 years.

What made you interested in competing? I did a lot of local stuff when I was little and so I just kind of got into it that way, and then as I grew older I got more and more into it.

What made you choose SCAD’s equestrian program? My goal for a long time was to be part of a team in college, and once I got more serious into riding, I decided that my goal was to be on an equestrian team. Since 9th grade, that was what my trainer and I decided to work for. When I decided I was going to SCAD, we trained really hard to become part of the team.

Describe the equestrian season: Preseason begins right before school starts in September, and then the season continues until March. April and May are the finals to get to nationals.

Describe a typical competition: There are 6 different classes (levels) and within each class is a flat class and jumping class. I’m in Novice/Novice for flat and jumping. The competition is judged and then you get a ribbon. If you win 1st place, you get 7 points, 2nd is 5 points, and then downwards to sixth place. You accumulate points throughout competitions and when you get a certain amount you move up to the next division.

How do you prepare for a competition/what are practices like? We have practice once a week but we can always ask to come ride a horse if we want. A normal lesson is an hour, and you start off warming up on a flat and then you go into jumping.

Does each rider have their own horse? SCAD has a ton of horses we ride and whenever you come into the barn you look up your name on a board and you see which horse you’re riding that day. Some girls have their own horses at SCAD, but just to ride in their free time.

How has the team been doing this season? Great! We were first in our region and then first in our zone, and so now we’re going to Nationals.

Where is Nationals? Pennsylvania, and for those riding in the competition it’s about a five day trip.

Is it difficult to juggle school and being on the equestrian team? For me it isn’t very hard. I’ve been part of a team for many different sports since I was 5, so I’ve figured out how to juggle them all at one time, with school.


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My name is Tiffany Troumouliaris and I am majoring in advertising at SCAD. 
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