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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SCAD chapter.

Off Campus Jobs

By: Bethany Alves

Recently I got an off-campus job and have had nothing but a positive experience. When faced with the decision to get a job or not, having an off-campus job had a negative condensation surrounding the idea. This week I have asked around to hear what other people have experienced from there off campus jobs.

Talia, Below Zero

I work at a frozen yogurt store! We also make liquid nitrogen ice cream and bubble tea. Personally, since I study in a field where you have to schedule around others schedules (Film), I find it difficult having both a job and being a fulltime student. I just have to try to manage my time better. The work environment can be really hectic, making fresh ice cream for people and cleaning stuff, but my coworkers are wonderful! Almost all of my coworkers are students also and my bosses are really understanding too!

Jonathan, Encryption escape

So, I work at Encryption escape which is an escape room right off franklin square. I am working about 25 hours a week with two studio classes and a lecture, and it’s going pretty well! I get about 2-3 days off and work about six-hour shifts. I still have plenty of time to go out, hang with friends, and get all my work done. My work environment is pretty casual because there are only six employees and then the owners of the company. Everyone knows everyone. My boss is pretty lenient because her son went to SCAD so she is aware of the workload. If I asked I could get less hours if I needed to. I even work with two grad students. It is a great job!

Bethany, Trolley Stop Gifts

I work at Trolley stop gifts on Market Street, and it is a wonderful job. There are only a few employees and we all know each other and get along great. I am taking two studios and a lecture, and I work eight hours Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and still get my work done. My manager has a daughter my age so she is very understanding when it comes to school. The work environment is fun and always a good place to be. It is honestly one of the best jobs I have had through high school and college. Most of my coworkers are also students; however, only one goes to SCAD. The rest go to savannah southern University. We are all very supportive when it comes to school. I love my job!

While talking to all of these students I have come to find a job is easy to manage if you find the right one. Finding a job with an understanding boss that is flexible for students is the best job to have. Working off campus is manageable experience and would recommended. Working on campus is also a great option with less hours. On campus jobs are definitely flexible to students. My advice would be to weigh the pro and cons of each to make your decision! Good Luck!

Amy Kulp is a Senior at Savannah College of Art and Design, majoring in Fashion Marketing and Management. When she's not writing for Her Campus, she is either working on her own styling business, shopping, or performing in theatre productions. When she graduates, she plans on moving to New York City and working either as a personal stylist or as a creative director with one of the many fashion houses New York has to offer.