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Campus Celebrity: Shira Kohn

Shira Kohn: Campus Celebrity


Major/Year:  Fashion Design Junior

Hometown: Plymouth, MN


HC: Tell me about the different clubs and organizations you have worked with this year.

Shira: I am the president of the Fashion Illustration Club, and I am a SCAD student ambassador. Also I teach Sunday school at the local Synagogue.



HC: What are your plans for the summer?

Shira: I am interning at Kohl’s in New York!



HC: You have been a great supporter of Relay for Life. What is something you would like people to realize about the importance of the organization?

Shira: Relay for Life is one of many great organizations that support research for cancer! Cancer has had an impact on my family, so I wanted to do something in honor of my family. Relay is a fun way to raise money. The event is fun because it is filled with activities so people want to go because it is fun and it raises money. We are raising money until April 3rd, and you can donate at this web address:



HC: What is your favorite thing to tell prospective students about SCAD during admissions tours?

Shira: I love telling people about the ghost tours in savannah. It is just a fun fact about Savannah that families enjoy hearing. I also like telling families about SCAD’s connections, particularly Savannah Film Festival, SCAD Fashion show, and SCAD style.


HC: What is the most rewarding thing about attending SCAD? (other than knowing Lauren Cusker heehee)

Shira: I love all the people I have met through all my adventures at SCAD.


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