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Bumble Bee Tights

Anyone who has experienced the movie “Me Before you” knows it is an extensive emotional rollercoaster of many many heart wrenching tears, awe moments and ultimately a sense of joy at the peace found by the characters. Last week I was fortunate enough to get to go to the Savannah Film Festival and not only re-watch this incredible film, but also be a part of a Q&A with the producer Alison Owen and the one and only Sam Claflin! All I can say is the movie itself was even better the second time around and yes- Sam Claflin is even more gorgeous in real life. However, watching the movie again got me thinking. Now don’t worry, I won’t be revealing any spoilers to those who haven’t read the book or the movie (which you absolutely should) but what I will say is the fashion in this movie is definitely one to be seen. It is colorful, unique and often 50’s-inspired yet, as a SCAD student one piece stood out to me the most. The coveted bumble bee tights. Not only are they an integral part of the movie but they relate to everyone in the SCAD community. I am confident in saying that SCAD has a very high level of school spirit but let’s be honest, the SCAD colors of yellow and black aren’t exactly the easiest to combine with our everyday wardrobe. Not everyone necessarily wants to wear their SCAD gear every day, so to show the community just how much we truly love our university, here are a few ways in which to incorporate our bumble bee colors into your everyday wardrobe.

First of all, the most subtle way to wear yellow is with an accessory, for example a yellow clutch, pair of earrings, socks or even shoes! However, I would recommend adding some white or grey into your main outfit pieces to represent the school without being over the top.


Second of all if you’re a little worried about yellow not working with your skin tone, shade is key. Often a neon yellow isn’t going to work with darker skin tones so instead go for a more mustard color. It’s easier on the complexion plus is on trend! Pair a mustard sweater or coat over all black or pair a mustard tshirt under black overals and your good to go!

Now for those of you who are willing to be bold, a yellow blazer or linen pant is the way to go! And if that’s not bold enough why not combine the two and wear a yellow pant suit! Yes, I agree this isn’t everyday wear but for a more professional occasion you will stand out whilst still being respected. Pair with a black under shirt, a big hat or sunnies (in black of course) and you’re set.

Lastly, if you want to go full bee, add some stripes! Now personally, I would go for one main striped piece and solid colours in order to have the bumble bee feel without looking costume like. A good option is a yellow striped jumpsuit with plain black accesories.

I guarantee you everyone can wear their school colors and still look chic. Take pride in your school and show off your bumble bee spirit!

Hey! Im Alyssa, i'm a freshman at SCAD planning to major in Fashion Marketing and Management! I love all things fashion and i'm from India and Houston, TX but i've lived in Dubai almost my entire life! I promise we will get through college together!
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