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8 Affordable and Trendy Halloween Costumes

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SCAD chapter.

With the Masquerade ball quickly approaching, everyone will be frantically looking for costumes to wear! As college students, we are always searching for anything that is cheap. After tons of searching, I compiled 8 costume ideas that are affordable and easy for absolutely anyone!

1. Old Hollywood

Photo Credit: nutterbuster.com

This costume is super easy! If you have a cute, little, black dress, some simple heels, fake pearls, and bright lipstick, you are golden! Just load up all of your gaudy jewelry and put your red lipstick on, and you will be set for the perfect night!

2. Where’s Waldo

Photo Credit: ebay.com

This is my personal favorite! It is beyond easy and looks so cute! This costume has so many different options to use and everyone will still know what you are! You can wear some jeans, little high wasted shorts, or even a jean skirt. A red striped shirt is very easy to find! You can do anything from a sweater, to a little striped cropped top. You can wear any shoes as long as they are red, black, or white, and they will look perfect. You can even dress it up with some black pumps! The nerd glasses and striped hat are also essential. Those can be found at just about any halloween store. Amazon is always a great option too!

3. Flower Child

Photo Credit: halloweencostumes.com

Who doesn’t want to dress up as a little hippie for a day? It is just such a fun costume and the clothing is always super easy to find in just about anyone’s wardrobe. A loose dress and a vest are the essentials for this outfit! Pair it with some gladiators, a flower crown, some friendship bracelets, and a long necklace and you will be ready to go!

4. A Mermaid

Photo Credit: ideastand.com

This costume is perfect for showing off your body on Halloween! If you go to Walmart and get a super cheap bra or an old one you already have, you can just decorate it with some shells, netting, and lots of beads to create an awesome statement piece that everyone will be talking about!! The skirt is the only part you may have to go to a halloween store to purchase. The rest is easy! Throw on some heels and add some beachy waves to your hair and you’re all set!

5. She Devil

Photo Credit: sexyhalloweencostumes.besthalloweencostumesanddecor.com

This costume can be super sexy, if that is what you want for Halloween this year! This costume is way cheaper than it may seem. The only thing you may need to buy are some cute little devil horns and a little pitch fork! The little red dress and some red or black heels are things that you may already have, or you can easily borrow from a friend!

6. Hula Girl

Photo Credit: uk.pinterest.com

While you may not have these items in your wardrobe already, they are all super cheap to buy! If you do not want to buy a coconut bra, a swim suit top will easily work as an alternative! Once you put on the grass skirt you will definitely feel like you should be in Hawaii! Adding a few leis and some soft curls will really finish off the look!

7. Country Girl

Photo Credit: sarahforshaw.wordpress.com

Some jean shorts, cow girl boots, a flannel, and a hat is all you need for this one! Cow girl boots are sometimes hard to find. A good alternative is some brown combat boots! Some other little things that could make this outfit a little more elaborate are braids, a big belt, and a little bandana. Throw everything together and you will be the cutest cow girl of the night!

8. Greek Goddess

Photo Credit: wondercostumes.com

Last but not least, a stunning greek goddess costume! A little white dress and plenty of gold accents is all you need! If you add a little leafy crown to top it off, you will be the goddess of the night!

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