7 Days of Midterms

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Can you believe we are officially in midterms? It seems like school just started. Thankfully, the Her Campus SCAD team is fully prepared, thanks to the Her Campus national team. Check out the awesome goodies headquarters sent us this quarter. While reading the next part, you may get one of your favorite Christmas Carols stuck in your head (we apologize in advance).  


On the first day of midterms, Her Campus gave to me………  

Exclusive Her Campus pennants! Since you’ll be in your room for the majority of the week, you might as well add a pop of color to your walls.


On the second day of midterms, Her Campus gave to me……….

5 Hour Energy shots and ear buds! By the second day of midterms, you’re bound to be exhausted. The all-natural boosts of energy ensure you’ll make it through your 2.5 hour classes, without dozing off. As for the earbuds, who couldn’t use an extra pair?


On the third day of midterms, Her Campus gave to me………

BOGO chipotle cards! Instead of living off of cereal and pizza for the week, treat yourself to chipotle. The plus? You can either have an extra meal for tomorrow, or treat a friend FOR FREE!


On the fourth day of midterms, Her Campus gave to me………..

TRESemme Perfectly Undone Products. At this point, you’ve probably resorted to a messy bun or a ponytail. With the TRESemme products, you can roll out of bed, spray a few sprays in your hair, and look like your favorite celebs.


On the fifth day of midterms, Her Campus gave to me…….

Martha Stewart Paints and Glitter Pens! Your week of exams, papers, and presentations is officially over. Invite a few of your girlfriends over for a craft night. Even prep for the upcoming holiday like our team!


On the sixth and seventh day of midterms, Her Campus gave to me……

New York Color Eyeshadow sticks and Palmers Coco-butter sticks! You’ve finally caught up with your lack of sleep (kinda), and you’re ready to celebrate getting good grades! Glide on a colorful eyeshadow and make sure your lips are moisturized from your hectic week, and hit the town with your squad.

Experiencing major FOMO thanks to this article? Don’t worry, we've got you covered! Check out our social media platforms all this week, for a chance to win a midterm survival pack of your own, courtesy of Her Campus SCAD!