5 Ways to Know if Your Major is Right for You

Is your major the right one for you?  Here are some tell-tale signs...

Most students their freshman year at SCAD enlist in foundation classes. These are the basics needed to further your education and future career. The following year (sophomore year) is when students start to enlist in classes that specifically pertain to their major. In other words, this is the year students really have to buckle down and stay focused.

So how do you know if the major you’re in is the right one for you?

1. When your alarm goes off in the morning and you seem eager to start the day.

Essentially you’re showing the characteristics, ambition and aspiration. You’re ready to take on whatever is thrown your way and you actually look forward to going to class. Taking 30 minutes just to get from under the covers, and scrolling through every social media account you have to use as an excuse is no longer part of your daily routine.

2. If the workload given to you is a great deal, but you’re excited to go home and work on the assignments.

This determines whether you have a liking or an interest for what you’re studying. No amount of work will faze you if you’re truly interested in the field of study. Getting all the necessary work completed will show how much determination you have.

3. You’re doing more than the bare minimum.

If you’re professors write on the rubric create 3-5, but you’re doing 6, it says that you’re putting time and effort to make your work worthy. Overall this is a great habit to get into, and your professors will appreciate the work that they receive from you. Making this a habit will also help you stay motivated and want to continue to work on other assignments and learn how to keep improving yourself and skillsets.

4. The grades you receive are exceptional.

This is a comparison to freshman year. If you’re grades are much better, it appears that you care a lot more about what you’re doing. Not only do your professors notice that you’re paying attention, but so do you. You’re excited that you’re doing well in class and it gives you the drive to continue on with success.

5. You’re happy and content with school and life as a whole.

There’s no better feeling than feeling great about yourself and what you’re making out of life. Knowing that you’re in a good place is all that matters in the now. If you exude enjoyment and optimism then you’ve definitely chosen the right major for yourself.