5 Steps In Planning a Derby Party

In 16 days, the state of Kentucky will become one of the most popular in social media… The Kentucky Derby. Know if you’re like me, there is no chance you could afford going to the Derby, especially as a scad student. If you are one of the few lucky ones who have both outfits picked out with a specially made hat to match your outfit all picked out, just know we are all envious of you. But have no fear my fellow poor college people; you can still have the fun of the Derby right in your own home with these 5 simple steps.

1. The Cloths – The cloths are so very important because you set the mood with what you’re wearing! This isn’t a frat party, no this party has class. Of course, with being on a budget, try finding something in your closet! A simple sundress will do! But if you’re dying for that new outfit, go to Target! (They’re having a buy 1 get 1 half off sale!)

2. The Hat - The most important part of the day! Your hat sets the mood and tells people who you are before they even meet you, sets your personality. And until you can afford to have someone customize your hat for you, get creative! Find a simple sun hate from Target, Walmart, or Forever 21 and dress it up! Add some ribbon and flowers (real or fake) and you’ll be set!

3. The Food – At the Derby, sometimes people are too busy betting or dink to focus on the food, so keep it simple! Just have some finger foods or, to make things easier for you, have a pot luck and have everyone bring their own dish!

4. The People - Of course you need to invite you friends, but invite the people who will have fun! We don’t want the obnoxious person who makes fun of the themed party the whole time and ruins the party. Just have the people who will have fun for any occasion.

5. The Derby – The finale aspect of the party… what to watch. I know you all think you should watch the Derby at a Derby party, but one, they don’t always have it telecast and not everyone wants to crowd around a computer, and two, if you’re not actually at the derby there isn’t a ton of excitement. So what you can do, or what I’ve done before, have a horse movie playing in the background. Sounds silly but everyone gets into a movie after a couple minutes! Then you in a way are watching a horse race, just prerecorded!