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5 Reasons we should give JB another chance

I’ll admit, I have never been one to have “Bieber Fever”. Sure, I have a few of his hits on my playlist but then there was a period Justin Bieber went through where he decided to defy everyone and everything, A.K.A his bad boy stage… But then Justin turned over a new leaf with an apology, a new album, an an amazing performance the the 2015 VMA’s. So here are 5 reasons we should forget the past and love the new Justin.



When the album was released in November 2015, I completely was against supporting JB’s sales and did not want to give the album a chance. Then I got sucked in and the album is pretty amazing! The music is perfect for any mood. You have your dubstep to get you dancing. The slow, loveable ballads to make you more emotional then necessary and the motivational “lets change the world and be a better person” songs. The album is a perfect mix of what most albums are missing. Give the album a chance if you haven’t yet!   

2.     A love for dance

Not only did Justin release a great album but he also released a group of dance music videos to coincide. Only two of the videos actually have Justin dancing along others but most of the videos were used to show different styles of dance. Justin gave the world a dance an even better name and showed some amazing dance groups that were given the publicity they fully deserve. The videos become inspiring and get people to love dance which in the end, gets people up and moving.  

3. Religion

Justin has always been very vocal about his religion. Although I am not religious myself, anyone that can be open and respectful about their religion has my respect.


Justin’s style has sky rocketed since we first met him. From street style to the modern gentleman, from a fashion perspective we (at least I can) appreciate JB so much more. For a man who is still young yet has such a strong impression on media, it is refreshing to see a young male who has such a clean style and can look very put together (always a nice change of pace.)   

5. The Man Himself  

Most celebrities have an amazing talent, hence why they are famous. Justin has a beautiful voice, he can dance better then most people, and he can play a few instruments. But we always for Justin is human first. We all make mistakes but we all deserve a second chance. Don’t forget most of us don’t know what it’s like to live under a spotlight. All we can do is appreciate the good he is doing now. 

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