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5 Monthy Beauty Boxes That Will Win Your Heart

Being a full time student, it is not always easy to go out and find the new beauty supplies that everyone seems to be talking about. Wanting to be fabulous and having the time to be fabulous does not always go out. Thankfully, there is always a solution to these sticky situations.

Behold, the future: monthly boxes full of goodies for a pretty fair price. I have just caught wind of this new trend, but apparently, these companies have been helping girls on the go try new products for years. Some of them cost money, and others just cost the time on giving reviews. Here is a small list of boxes that are both easy on the wallet and sends out products like Urban Decay, OPI, Benefit and more.

1.     Influenster:

Now this is a different type of box. Instead of signing up and paying money, as an Influenster girl, you earn badges by taking surveys, posting about your beauty routine, and eventually unlocking VoxBoxes. Now, this sounds like a bit of work, but honestly it is the coolest thing I have been apart of in years. There is a plus, too. It goes beyond just make up. There are food, skin care, nail and cleaning VoxBoxes.

2.     Ipsy, previously known as GlamBag: $10 a month

This is a bag I just recently subscribed to. Each month, Ispy bags are sent out with four to five products tailored to you and how you answer the entry questionnaire. There is a little bit of a wait (up to a month), but what you get is so worth it. The products are full sized, and for only ten dollars a month, it is a steal.

3.     BirchBox: $10 a month

BirchBox is something I am still on the waitlist for, and probably will be for the next month. This is about the same as Ipsy, but it has some hot and cold reviews. In the end, though, I think it is totally worth the money.

4.     BeautyArmy: $12 a month

Now BeautyArmy is absolutely incredible. The website sends you a free first month welcome box that you hand pick, and if you really want, there is an option to place additional productions for a small fee. This box is a little different from the others in the fact that if you only want hair products, you can do that. They offer the options of exclusively choosing hair, skin, make up or nails.

5.     GlossyBox: $21 a month

This box is the most expensive, but it has the most high quality products. With brands like Lierac, Tarte and TIGI, $21 is a steal. The box offers 5 luxury products a month, and unlike the other boxes, the ordering process is a hard one to get into. The February box sold out in no time at all.

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