5 Fashion Sites to Keep You on Your A-Game

Being a fashion student is all fun and dandy until it happens – Your professor, future employer, or just a regular old important person asks you the one question that almost makes your heart stop. How do you keep up with what’s going on in the fashion industry? As you scramble in your mind to find the answer while trying not to appear as clueless as you really are, you are dying to just say Uhh, I don’t know.

Let’s face it, being a SCAD fashion student is a pretty demanding job. We have our stressful school projects, extracurricular activities, future jobs or internships we’ve been searching for, and on top of that, our normal social lives. Do we really have time to keep up with all that’s going on in the fashion world?


Here are 5 fashion sites that will keep you informed and entertained all at the same time!




One of the perks of being a SCAD student is free access to WGSN. What could get any better than that? Worth Global Style Network, or WGSN is the perfect site for trend forecasting, analysis, and random pieces of inspiration making it the prime destination for all of your project’s research.  


2. WWD.com

WWD, or Women’s Wear Daily is often referred to as the “bible of fashion”, and there’s definitely no second-guessing that. But, WWD doesn’t just stop at the news or business of fashion. It offers beauty and runway trends, and even lifestyle and food updates – giving us a reason to browse their website for just a little longer.


3. Fashionista.com

Us collegiettes are probably most familiar with Fashionista.com. One of the greatest features Fashionista offers us is its Career page. Here, you can find countless job and internships postings all fashion related! What makes Fashionista.com a favorite is its ability to bring us reliable news in a way tothat is sure to keep the younger generation engaged.


4. Refinery29.com

For those that like a bit of a more urban twist on things, Refinery29 is pefect for you. While Refinery29 is an editorial website covering topics such as beauty and lifestyle, its aesthetic and approach to things are much more raw - which is why we absolutely love it. Refinery29 is sort of like the voice of the youth.. that loves fashion. It delivers the basic knowledge we need to know in pursuit of such careers, while throwing in amusing articles as well, like 'Did You Fall for an April's fool joke?'


5. Style.com

What we love most about Style.com is its front and center way of giving us exactly what we need. Style.com is so successful in from its modernly designed layout to its general content. Here, it is also possible to find what people are wearing on the street, to the latest news in art and celebrity parties.