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3 Different Interview Looks

Have you ever felt as though you are trapped by time, meanwhile all the world rushes past seeming so in control of their lives? Suddenly, you are the portrait on the wall, the picture in a frame or the name on a desk. The thing that time forgot. There are many causes for how and why we enter this timeless state. Many things freeze us; damaging our ability to accept and move along with the rest of the world. 

Has your frozen moment ever been due to an interview? Interviews are stressful whether they are for a big company or the local bar. So Ladies, while crisp resumes and charismatic personalities are what every employer is looking for, let us not forget the importance of dressing accordingly.

Without further ado here are three outfits worthy of any job, school, or internship interview you might encounter.

1) The Casual Impresser  look

                This look is for school interviews and jobs that are more relaxed such as a kids daycare, supermarket, dinners, etc.

What you will need:

·         LEGS: You can chose black or khaki slacks, dark leggings or black non-demin Jeans.

·         TOP: A nice blouse and cardigan are always best. However, if you chose to wear leggings then make sure your blouse is long enough to cover your bum and front. You could also choose to wear a nice, but simple dress should you pick leggings.

·         ACCESSORIES: You should keep it simple but make sure that if your outfit is lacking color then your accessory should have that missing touch.

·         SHOES: Pick a pair of business casual flats or boots, but make sure they match the outfit.

This long sleeve button blouse is perfect with a nice pair of khaki slacks.

Colors to use: Try to use a warm color scheme such as red, yellow and light pinks to show you are easily approachable. However, aim to have the color limited to the top or dress and keep the bottom a neutral. Also, a nice touch would be to have the color of the shoes match the top as well as the accessory.

2) The “One day I’ll run this place” look

                This look is for government jobs, big corporations, real estate  and lawyers.

What you will need:

·         LEGS: Pantyhose are a must. On top of them you will be wearing a pencil skirt. However, make sure you find one that is long enough and fits your forms correctly.

·         TOP: You should wear a button-down blouse and have it tucked into your skirt. If it is cold have a woman’s suit jacket that matches the skirt and coordinates nicely with the top.

·         ACCESSORIES: A watch and earrings is best for this look. As for a bag, if you should bring one, try to keep it more towards the briefcase look and not a handbag.

·         SHOES: Your best bet is high heels. Try and keep them slick and simple.

Picture these shoes as the pop color in your outfit and keep the rest clean, tailored and simple.

Colors to use: It is best to use a black and white scheme or white and dark blue. This look shows you are a serious worker and candidate for the position. Keep in mind that there should be a  small pop of color somewhere like in the heels, or accessory. This pop color should be along the lines of red, yellow, dark purple or dark green and sometimes pink.

3) The Lovely Affairs look

                This look is for those applying to internships, or jobs that are considered “Part-time” but with strict dress-code polices such as retail, intimate business like fancy restaurants, or teaching.

What you will need:

·         LEGS:  A lose fitting knee-length skirt  with stockings is best or a dress and stockings.

·         TOP: A nice U-neck or V-neck blouse for the skirt should be paired with a three-quater, sleeve caridgan .The dress option can also be paired with a three-quarter sleeve cardigan.

·         ACCESSORIES:  Bring a medium size handbag that has a mature look. The bag should be about the height and length of an Ipad and can be either a shoulder sling or hand-held style.

·         SHOES: Style with a nice pair of oxford shoes or kitten heals.

Imagine this dress but with a white three-quater, sleeve caridgan and nude stockings.

Colors to use: If you are going with a dress and stockings a nice look is a mint-blue, mint-green, lavender, or emerald dress with white or nude stockings and a black cardigan. If you choose the skirt and blouse then any dark color should be the skirt with matching cardigan and bright colored top. Shoes should match the top or dress you choose and the bag should be a neutral. Alternatively, your cardigan could be white with nude stockings.

Hi All! My name is Kayla, I am a Sophomore at SCAD, studying Dramatic Writing and Creative Writing.
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