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When You Are Not Making A New Year’s Resolution

Doesn’t seem like it was just yesterday that it was 2019. Now it is 2020 since it is a new year, a new decade, a new you, apparently?! It is time to make a resolution or two from losing weight, that promise yourself a billion times. From eating healthy where you stick with for only like a month then after that it goes downhill from there. The truth is, most of us are used to obtaining the same habits over and over again, therefore, it hard to set a goal stick to it fully and what we want manifest it to be, but most of the time; It is forgotten. So this I propose myself. I am not doing any resolutions. Sure, I still set goals for myself, my career, and school that are only short-term goals though. In addition to writing it out and planning it on how it is going to happen. I realize how much it takes away from living in the moment because you think of long-term goals which are always good to think about the future don’t get me wrong, but it tears away from your appreciation of the present The newfound pressure from the term, “new year, new you” begins. It makes you feel like you have to take these big leaps and jumps to change or improve yourself but the truth of the matter is that we are a work in progress every day. It does not have to be about the New Year. Just be better and take one step at a time to be the best person you can be for yourself one step at a time each day. Get out of the constant pressure and panic that you have to make this big list of New Year’s resolution and just go with the flow and see what the world and you take you. 

Najah Layne


Hello I'm Najah Layne! I am college sophomore going through the journey of life, figuring things out one step at a time and showcasing my passions & loves which is being an enthusiast on pop culture, the latest fashion trends, styling tips, and most importantly empowering young women and being my crazy, weird self while doing it. We are going to be talking about all things real and there no holding back!
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