Is There Such Thing as A ‘Happily Ever After’?

From Cinderlla being rescued from her evil stepmother from just the perfect fit of a shoe. From the “damsel of distress” having her knight and shing armor rushing to her beck and call and sealing his love with a kiss. Well, Well, well we wished that would happen? Am I right?! When we look at these fairytales when we are little, society always put it our pretty little heads that we are suppose have a rom-com ending in your lives to have the picture-perfect family from the white picket fence to the having tribe of kids before you are thirty. Don’t get me started! The why my love life that is not the reality let me tell you! From fuckboys to shitty dates time and time again that little fairy tale is far from the truth. I just think it is unrealistic narrative for young girls to have this expectation that a soul-purpose that I guy is supposed to save you and make your life complete. The reality is that women can save themselves and be their own night and shining amour because now this era of making herstory. I am not saying that the people that are relationships are dependent on their partners. I just think the expectation in society of women are supposed to have a ‘biological clock ‘and we are supposed to complete things in a specific time in our lives. For me personally the one true love me is my career and that is my choice and I have never been a serious relationship in comparison to other girlfriends, but I am sick and tired of the narrative of being single is sad, lonely and downright pathetic. Yeah okay if focusing on me and building bonds that are not romantic then pathetic shall I be. So, in conclusion, if you mean the term ‘happily ever after’ is swiping left and right on a Saturday night with a glass a wine and if a ‘happily ever after’ is focusing on myself then what ‘happily ever after I am having.