SCAD Bee Overseas: Taylour Oney on Hong Kong vs. Lacoste

While SCAD Savannah and Atlanta are recovering from Hurricane Matthew, over at SCAD Lacoste many students are disappointed that we’ve already passed the halfway point in the eight-week program. Last week we returned from a heavenly five-day trip to Paris and greeted the changing fall colors of Provence with a pen, paintbrush or camera in hand. One of my talented peers is photography student Taylour Oney who is embarking on her fourth and final year at SCAD. Hailing from Fort Meyers, she has two minors in advertising and advertising photography with a passion for experimental and travel photography. Although SCAD Savannah is her home base, Taylour has also branched out to study abroad at not one, but both SCAD international campuses in Hong Kong and Lacoste. Check out her unique perspective on studying overseas as well as her advice for SCAD students still waffling between staying in Georgia and charting international territory.  

Image courtesy of Taylour Oney.

Emme Raus: Why did you choose to study abroad as an undergrad?

Taylour Oney: I think SCAD has a really good program. They have different campuses all over and it’s such a good idea to go when you’re so young and you might as well study while traveling.

ER: What do you like about SCAD Lacoste so far, including the field trips around Provence and the trip to Paris?

TO: I really think the trip to Paris was well planned because it’s right in the middle of the quarter and allows a break from the slow life of Lacoste. I also enjoy how SCAD Lacoste has become a little family; Flo and Cody [Student Events Coordinators] are always around. You don’t have to force yourself to be friends with people you might never have talked to back home. Here you’re on top of a village and all together and whether you’re just walking down the street or doing laundry, you’re always meeting new people.

Washed Dreams by Taylour Oney.

ER: What did you like about SCAD Hong Kong?

TO: The freedom of Hong Kong was amazing. It really pushes you to fend for yourself and figure out things. I grew a lot while I was in Hong Kong and went through things that I would have never have experienced if I didn’t go. The campus is an actual campus, so it’s different from Lacoste where you can just study abroad for a quarter. You can actually transfer to Hong Kong and graduate from there, so there was a lot more structure and variety of majors.

ER: What were the major differences in the lifestyles of Hong Kong and Lacoste? Which campus did you prefer?

TO: Hong Kong is very fast-paced like New York City and Lacoste is in the historic countryside; it’s a good change. But some people are definitely fit for one over the other. Because my plan is to move to New York City, I felt more comfortable in Hong Kong because I was able to walk out with a bunch of strangers and get away from the same faces every day. In Lacoste it’s different; if you do want to get away for a while it’s a little harder.

Washed Dreams by Taylour Oney.

ER: Can you tell us about any extra traveling you did outside of SCAD while you were in Hong Kong or Lacoste?

TO: In Lacoste I went to Amsterdam and in Hong Kong I went to Macau and Singapore and it was really industrial and different. Then I went to Malaysia for a little while and I lived in Thailand for a month. I got to experience new cultures and try to learn different languages. I feel like America is so different because we’re kind of a melting pot, but not many of us know a second language. Also, living in Thailand there’s hardly ever any WIFI and you have to get lost and that’s the beauty of it.  

ER: Was it hard to organize travel plans outside of SCAD?

TO: You find groups of friends when you’re traveling abroad. I went to Hong Kong completely by myself and by the end of the quarter I was travelling with a whole new group of people and I’ve been friends with them ever since. I hope to have the same thing happen in Lacoste and keep in touch with a lot of new friends.

Washed Dreams by Taylour Oney.

ER: What advice do you have for SCAD students considering studying abroad at either campus?

TO: I’d say don’t be afraid to go if none of your friends are going. If they back out and you feel uncomfortable it should push you to go and get out of your comfort zone because it’s more rewarding than you ever think it could be.

To see more of Taylour Oney’s photography check out her online portfolio. Visit the SCAD website to learn more about SCAD’s study abroad programs in Hong Kong and Lacoste.