SCAD Alum Deepshika Sharma on Job Hunting

Image courtesy of Deepshika Sharma.

SCAD alumni have different challenges to face, it’s the same for all graduates. International students also have the added bonus of needing to find a company that will sponsor them. I spoke with Deepshika Sharma, a 2015 Interior Design graduate about what she’s been doing since graduation.

Chel Howard: As an international student what we're some differences between your classmates and yourself as you got ready for the job searches after graduation?

Deepshika Sharma: Finding a company that is both willing and able to provide sponsorship.

CH: What are you doing now? 

DS: Gearing up for graduate school.

CH: Where are you looking for grad schools?

DS: Atlanta Area.

CH: What will be your focus?

DS: Design integrated in IT  a marriage of graphics, interactive design, evidence-based design.

CH: Do you have any advice for seniors who are about to go out into the work force?

DS: Opt for student professional membership with organizations related to you major, and attend their networking events. Attend resume/portfolio building workshops/classes too.